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Is Donald Trump Changing Democracy into Dictatorship in America

Whether it is the COVID-19 response or George Floyd’s murder protests, President Donald Trump seems to have displayed an absolute lack of constitutional understanding and public interest. Critics are perceiving the Donald Trump’s response to the recent US protests as something that can bring dictatorship in America. He does not seem to honor the separation of power which represents the governance of a state. It divides the government into different branches with different responsibilities. Therefore, the powers of one branch are not in conflict with the other.

Trump ignores the presidential limitations and the very foundation upon which the rule of law stands. This begs the question of Trump trying to become a dictator to completely avoid accountability.

How Trump Might be Leading to Bring Dictatorship in America

As President Donald Trump is not setting a good precedent in terms of response to civil unrest in the country. On 1st June, POTUS threatened American people to use military force if it seemed necessary. Then he proceeded to pose for a photo outside a historic church while holding the Holy Bible in an upside-down manner. A tradition familiar with a particular facist dictator of the past

Trump’s speech outside the church was deemed as an open declaration of war against American citizens. His choice of words were termed as the words of a dictator by many democrats. People are hurt and want their rights but their leader is trying to shut them down by using the police and military.

One senator explained how Trump is creating the waves of cruel dictatorship in America and is not capable of leading. His stance on the COVID-19 pandemic is proof of that.

How Trump Administration Is Dealing with Protestors

Trump had to deliver a photoshoot and speech so the only way he could have left the White House was by using brute force. The National Guard and the armed police fired rubber bullets and teargas to chase away the protestors and journalists outside White House.

They were disbanded in a cruel manner only for Donald Trump to make his way to the Church.

What Does Donald Trump Represents?

While it has become normal for the rest of the world, most Americans cannot believe that the President can use such words in a speech. In fact, Trump has mocked democracy many times in the past. In the 2016 elections, he proclaimed that he could personally take over the investigation of Russian involvement after firing the FBI director.

During the impeachment hearing which was widely enjoyed by the public, he also claimed that he was the chief law enforcement officer of America. He added that the constitution gave him the right to do whatever he wanted. The law in America is so weak and vague that a president can manipulate it for personal gains without any trouble.

These actions are the musings of a wannabe dictator, who wants his own banana republic instead of playing a decisive role as the leader of the world’s largest economy. It is highly doubtful that the president manipulated the constitution on his own. An extremist ideology of monarchical power is in play that knows no legal boundaries. It can be undemocratic, fascist, dangerous, and simply wrong.

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