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Trump Muslim Ban Finally Gets Implemented

Ever since Trump came into power; he has been trying to implement the Muslim ban. However, after a lot of pursuance and amendments, Trump Muslim ban is now in place. The Trump Muslim ban will cover six Muslim-majority countries include Sudan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and Iran.

Any individual who does not have a family or business relationship from these countries cannot visit the US. Therefore, the US may deny or refuse entry to all such individuals.

Trump Muslim Ban – Close Relations

The Trump Muslim ban considers spouse, son, daughter, parent, fiancé, sibling, or step-siblings as close relationships or bona fide. However, the close relationships will exclude nephews, aunts, grandparents, and nieces. The temporary Trump Muslim ban will remain in place for 120 days.

Hawaii, one of the US states early resisting the ban, also had to comply. Trump Administration could not answer the question that how the banning of Grandparents or Grandchildren would improve the US national security.

Proof of Bona Fide Relationship

The Supreme Court of the US makes it mandatory from these six countries to prove a bona fide relationship. The same rule will also apply to refugees trying to enter the United States. Unable to establish a relationship, they will not be able to enter the United States.

Trump Travel Ban Concerns Amnesty International

Amnesty International states that it remains concerned about the plight of the Muslim refugees coming into the US. Amnesty International will send its researchers to different airports across the US. The non-government body will see the implementation of the Muslim travel ban. The body further commits to helping anyone getting unfair treatment.

Trump Muslim Ban Finally Gets ImplementedRefugee Agencies were considering formal links with refugees as a bona fide relationship. However, US officials say that authorities are not considering this type of relationship as bona fide as of now. The decision will most probably limit the number of refugees to 50,000 as decided by the US President. Statistics reveal arrival of 49,009 refugees to the US and some State Department sources suggest more could be allowed to enter the US in July 2017.

Defining of a Business Relationship

The guidelines for a business relationship allow Muslims who have an employment offer. But, someone with a hotel reservation will not have a bona fide business connection in the United States.

Muslim Immigration Ban Hotline

There is a community of translators, attorneys, and other volunteers who want to help the refugees. The non-profit organization consists of individuals working at different airports to offer assistance. The refugees coming to the US who need help can get in touch with the given hotline numbers. The organization wants to streamline the process for the immigrants and offer support to reduce redundancies.

Federation for American Immigration Reform

The Federation for American Immigration Reform favors tighter immigration rules. The Federation is happy with the Trump Muslim ban. The organization maintains that this decision will help put to rest concerns about national security. Furthermore, it asks for a better vetting system so that individuals posing a threat to the security cannot enter the United States of America.

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