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Trump OK with One China Policy

The US President Donald Trump reportedly agreed to the China’s “One China” policy. The White House statement came after Donald Trump had a telephonic conversation with China’s President Xi Jinping.

What is One China Policy?

The One China Policy agrees that there is only one Chinese government. This One China Policy implies that countries that want to maintain diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (also called PRC or Mainland China) must break away with the Republic of China.

One China Policy Different from One China Principle

There is different between “One China Policy” and “One China Principle.” The “One China Principle” states that Taiwan and China are inalienable parts of a single China.

Trump’s Phone Call to Taiwan

Trump’s Phone Call to TaiwanDonald Trump’s statements and actions created ripple effects throughout the world. And China was no different in that regard. In December last year, Donald Trump spoke to Taiwan’s President. This one-to-one conversation was in direct breach of the long-standing protocol agreed between the US and China.

This important telephone call was the first made by Donald Trump. Something which China sees a serious diplomatic breach.

The Conversation Between Trump and Taiwanese President

The Conversation Between Trump and Taiwanese PresidentWhite House statement said that the telephonic call issued the variety of issues. It added that the conversation took place in a cordial and friendly environment and the two leaders also invited each other to visit.

Beijing’s Response to Trump’s One China Policy Acceptance

Beijing issued a statement in which it praised Donald Trump’s acknowledgment. The statement said that the two nations were cooperative partners who could benefit from each other through bilateral relations.

Taiwan, on the other hand, said that it wished to remain in close contact with the US. The spokesperson said that Taiwan wanted to maintain friendly relationships with both Washington and Beijing.

Why Trump’s Actions Concern China?

Donald Trump’s strict stance on issues like trade and the South China Sea already worry China. One China Policy would have added one more concern for the Chinese. Trump’s call with the Taiwanese President made China doubtful. Although Taiwan is one of the main military allies of the US army, this is the first time a US President-Elect directly talked to a Taiwanese President.

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