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Trump Putin Meeting Happening for the First Time

Trump Putin meeting to take place for the first time since Donald became the US President. Both Trump and Putin say they want to improve the ties. However, there are many thorny issues that they need to discuss to iron out the differences.

Why this Trump Putin meeting is so important?

There are numerous reasons for which political analysts consider it a very important meeting. However, above everything else, it is the first time the two leaders are meeting in official capacity. There are a lot of pending issues that the two sides would like to discuss. Despite Trump’s best efforts, he has not been able to openly extend friendship to Russians due to his country’s internal political pressures.

What Will Trump Putin Meeting Discuss?

Well, there is so much to discuss at the Trump Putin meeting. The two leaders have their plate full with issues like Syria, Ukraine, Trade, Climate Change, and maybe the Russian interference in the US elections.

Why G20 Meeting in Hamburg Germany?

Like every other politician, political analysts believe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel needs to gather political clout before the upcoming German Elections. Therefore, she wants to show the world as being a liberal leader letting the protests going on in parallel with the G20 Summit.

There is no fixed agenda that the two leaders carry to the meeting. However, here are some of the topics that may come to the Trump Putin meeting.

Return of the Russian Diplomatic Properties in New York

One of the issues to discuss at the meeting is the return of the properties belonging to the Russian diplomats in New York. The two Russian Diplomatic Compounds were taken away from the officials in December 2016. The justification given for the action was Moscow’s interference into the US 2016 Presidential Elections. The then US President Obama had told media that Russian officials were using these buildings for intelligence purposes. Therefore, the issue of returning these buildings back to the Russian officials may come under discussion.  

Gay Rights in Chechnya

The human rights organization protecting gay rights are alarming about crack down on the gay community in Chechnya. However, so far, Russia has not responded to it. Many human rights activist expect Trump to discuss the issue with Putin. A Russian official raised the question what if Trump raises the question of gay rights in the meeting with Vladimir Put. The Russian official said that Vladimir Putin would reply to that answer appropriately.

Arms Control

The two leaders may also have to their agenda discussion about the Arms Control. One Russian Retired General Vladimir Dvorkin responsible for overseeing nuclear weapons research in Russia gave a series of recommendations. He wants the two leaders to take urgent steps for resuming talks on arms control. Furthermore, he wants the two countries to have military-to-military discussions to reach agreements related to prevention of ‘nuclear accident prevention.’

Trump Putin Meeting May Discuss Syria and Ukraine

Syria and Ukraine are two hot issues on the global political scene. Both the sides, Asad’s regime and the rebels have had heavy casualties. Peacekeeping bodies will be wishing that Trump Putin meeting may somehow find a peaceful solution to the ongoing Syrian crises. Ukraine also remains a bone of contention between the two countries. Therefore, this is one other issue that the two parties may discuss.

North Korean Missile Test’s Impact on Trump Putin Meeting

Trump Putin Meeting To Discuss Important IssuesThere are also fears of the North Korean ICBM missile test overshadowing the discussion. Therefore, the US may also be looking towards other parties besides China to find a way to put pressure on North Korea. Russia, one of the globally recognized powers in the world may also be asked to exert pressure on North Korea. The Russians have already said along with the Chinese that they will not support any military action against North Korea.

Slim Chances of Discussion on Russian Meddling in US Elections

Earlier while talking to reports, the US President Donald Trump was asked about talking to Russia of its involvement in rigging the US 2016 President Elections. To this question, the US President did not give an assuring and direct answer. Instead, he said no one was sure who was actually behind the election rigging. Many media outlets seemed puzzled as if Trump Administration was questioning the intelligence apparatus’s competency in determining the real culprit behind.

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