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Trump Refused Merkel Shake Hand at White House

Donald Trump refused Merkel shake hand at the White House in a joint appearance. The meeting, which is said to discuss sensitive trade issues like Transatlantic alliance, deciding the future relationship between Germany and United States.

Trump Refused Merkel Shake Hand – Not A Big Surprise

Political analysts believe that Trump refused Merkel shake hand because he is apparently not happy with the relationship the United States has with Germany.

Although, as soon as Angela Merkel arrived at the White House, Donald did shake her hand. However, when the media was covering her meeting with the Chancellor, he refused to listen to the request of shaking hands with her.

Once the photographers started saying the duo to shake hands, even Angela Merkel politely asked her if he wanted to shake hands,

“Do you want to have a handshake?”

US President, kept his hands closed in between his knees, apparently gesturing that he was not interested in shaking hands with the Germany Chancellor.

The Key Points to Come Under Discussion

Ms. Merkel wants to push for American support for a stronger European Union. Mr. Trump openly criticized Germany Government for its policy towards acceptance of refugees. Donald Trump is expected to ask Germany to pay more share for its alliance with NATO or what they call a fair share. Trump Administration believes that NATO countries are not paying enough for the defense of the alliance.,

Trump and MerkelHere is what Donald had to say about her policies during his campaign towards refugees.

“You watch what happens to Angela Merkel, who I always thought of as an excellent leader until she did this. I don’t know what went wrong with her.”

He seemed so upset with Merkel’s policies that he even called his political rival at that time, Hillary Clinton as “America’s Angela Merkel.”

Angela Merkel and Donald Trump agreed to extend cooperation in solving the ISIS problem in Libya, Iraq, and Syria. They also talked about starting the peace process in Ukraine.

The German Chancellor emphasized the need for better relations with Russia. There were rumors of the Chancellor sharing ideas with the US President Donald on dealing with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The Chancellor seemed hopeful that perhaps the EU and the US could soon start a discussion on trade agreements.

Trump refused Merkel shake hand but she understands the frustrations created by Donald Trump. Donald Trump has promised to a lot in his election campaign. Merkel needs to find a balance between the values of the Germany people and what the US expects from her.

Merkel and Trump represent two different value sets, where Merkel wants to welcome refugees, and Trump has tried to ban immigrants from several Muslim-majority countries. Trump’s relations with other countries are also not very cordial. Apparently Mexicans are not happy with the US President over border issues. Chinese are surprised over his approach towards trade. More countries are expected to be added to that list by the end of Trump’s presidential tenure.

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