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Trump Testimony May Come Out for James Comey

We may finally see a Trump testimony against James Comey. So, James Comey, who got fired, may still be haunting Donald Trump. The US President may come forward clean to get rid of the nightmares of his interactions with Former FBI Director.

Background to Trump Testimony

What prompted the US President Donald Trump to say, he may be willing to testify in the case of James Comey? The Former Director James Comey’s testimony opened up a Pandora box of problems for the Trump Administration.

Let us look at the highlights of James Comey’s testimony.

Trump is a Liar

James Comey in his testimony said that Donald Trump is a liar. He suspected at the time of his interactions with the US President that he might lie. Therefore, he noted down everything that the President had to say.

He further said that Trump Administration had defamed him as well as FBI. Also, it is a lie that FBI is poor led, it is in disarray, or the workforce of this organization lacks confidence in its leadership. He added that all these things are lies.

The Clinton Email Investigation

Trump Testimony May Come Out for James ComeySimilarly, he also said that Lynch asked him not to call the “Clinton Email” probe as an investigation but call it a “matter.” According to Comey, this incident led him to distance FBI from the Obama Administration.

Evidence of Criminality

James Comey also said that he might have found some indications of criminality not relating to the original investigation.

The Trump Twitter Problem

Trump stated in a Tweet that “Comey better hope that the tapes of his conversations with the President do not go public.” This tweet, he said, has led him to try and get appointed a special counsel. He said he wants those tapes to be made public, so everyone knows about their contents.

Obstruction of Justice

James Comey stated that he does not think that his conversations with Trump could amount to obstruction of justice. However, he said the reason why he had to go for a testimony was that he found them a lot disturbing.

Trump Testimony a Way Out

The US President says that James Comey is lying. Trump testimony may be one way for the President to respond to the Former FBI Director’s statement.

What to Expect from Trump Testimony?

After a barrage of accusations from James Comey, Trump testimony is supposed to come with a strong response from the President. Let us see what we may expect.

The main aim of Trump testimony would be to clear himself of the label of being a “liar.” Therefore, Trump would make every effort to come out clean and provide every explanation possible.

Trump has already said that James Comey testimony has cleared him from the Russian interference into the US 2016 Presidential Elections. So, he will try to reinforce that point again.

Similarly, Trump testimony might reiterate that the President did not ask Former FBI Director to drop investigations against Flynn.

There will be a lot of questions for Trump testimony to testify if he goes for it.

A Dent to Reputation of an Already Controversial President

Donald Trump is one of the most controversial leaders in the US history. Only three US Presidents and one Vice President in the past went for a testimony. Trump testimony may or may not become a reality. In an off-camera briefing to the journalists, Deputy Press Secretary of Trump Administration stated that Trump is not a lair. She further declared that it would be an insult to assume that Donald Trump is a liar. This conversation may point out to the fact that Trump testimony may never take place.

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