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Trump UK Visit May Not Get a Red Carpet Welcome

Trump UK visit may not receive the usual state welcome that US Presidents receive in Great Britain. The London Mayor Sadiq Khan thinks that Trump visit should not receive a red carpet welcome. There was a bit of spat between Trump and Sadiq Khan after the London Bridge Attack.

Trump UK Visit – A Call to Theresa May

Trump UK visit debate became alive when media learned of the US President’s call to the British Prime Minister Theresa May. The reports suggest that Trump told Theresa May he would only visit Great Britain if she could ensure a better reception. He also said that he did not receive excellent coverage last time and wanted the British Prime Minister “to fix” that for him.

When Will Trump UK Visit Take Place?

There is confirmed date or schedule set for Trump UK visit as of now. However, Downing Street says that the Trump UK visit may be held sometime next year.

London’s Mayor on Trump

The Mayor of London, while talking to a news media outlet said that state visits are unlike regular visits. He said that many in the UK do not agree to the policies of Donald Trump. Therefore, he is not sure if the British Government should roll out the red carpet for the US President. He further added that it was possible to be a proud Westerner as well as a Muslim and he was willing to change anyone’s idea who was thinking otherwise.

Trump UK Visit May Not Get A Red Carpet WelcomeWhite House Denies Possibility of a Short Trump UK Visit

The White House has cleared any doubts of a short Trump UK visit earlier this month. There were speculations of Donald Trump visiting Great Britain after his trip to the G20 Summit. The White House statement says that the US President will not visit Great Britain any time soon.

Why Some Brits Oppose Trump UK Visit?

Many left-wing individuals do not want Trump UK visit. The opponents of Donald J Trump in the UK do not agree with his policies and his win in the 2016 Presidential Elections. They are also not happy about Trump’s remarks on immigrants.

The anti-Trump campaigners in the UK have signed a petition for preventing Donald Trump from visiting Great Britain.  By the close of this petition due to UK 2017 elections, the petition was able to gather around 1.8 million signatures. Besides the argument, the petition adds that Trump’s visit would cause an embarrassment to the Queen.

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