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Trump UN Agenda for His First General Assembly Summit

It is finally happening as Trump is going to attend his first UN General Assembly summit. There are hopes, and a flurry of mixed emotions about what he may or may not say. The issues that he might choose to discuss and the ones he would just ignore. Trump UN agenda remains a bit hazy yet here is what most of the political analysts expect.

Top Items on Trump UN Agenda

The world is no safer as we would like to think of it. Many pressing issues come atop Trump UN agenda. Here is a list of the most probable items on Trump UN agenda.

Trump UN Agenda for His First General Assembly SummitNorth Korea

North Korea is proving to be one of the toughest diplomatic challenges for the Trump Administration. The Trump UN agenda will probably include some key points of action to be taken against the North Korean regime. The recent UN sanctions did not deter North Korea from further tests. The firing of the second missile over Japan is a cause of concern for all and an emergency with which all world powers will have to deal. Therefore, the United States would try to put more pressure on China and Russia to resolve this conflict.


There is a lack of trust between the United States and Iran over the nuclear deal. The Israelis are lobbying around the current US administration to increase pressure on it to back out of the deal. However, Europeans are still trying to persuade Trump that he should continue with it. Therefore, among other items, Trump UN agenda will also have Iran among the high-priority items to discuss.


There are no indications if Myanmar will make it to the Trump UN agenda. However, there is increasing pressure on the world powers to take action in the wake of such a massive humanitarian crisis. Aung San Suu Kyi has already announced that she will not be attending the UN summit this year. It is the first time during the last nine years that the UN Security Council issued a statement on this matter. Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary, will be hosting a meeting on the Rohingya crisis. Therefore, the US may feel the urge to raise this issue in the UN forum.

Climate Change

There are stories in the media suggesting that the US President may have changed his mind on Paris Agreement. H.R. McMaster, the US National Security Adviser suggested that these stories are not true. Furthermore, he said that Trump is open to discussing the Paris Agreement. However, according to him, the US President wants a solution which does not come at the cost of American jobs. Therefore, even if the US President does discuss the Paris Agreement, it may not be what the world leaders expect.

Global Threat of Terrorism

The global terrorism will be among the top items of the Trump UN agenda. The defeat of the ISIS opens new fronts of discussion in Syria and Iraq. The White House already claims that the victory against ISIS is due to the wider powers given by the current Administration to military commanders on the ground. The US President is expected to meet many Middle Eastern leaders to discuss the progress at different peace initiatives.

Reforms to the UN Management

Donald Trump will introduce a document to bring changes to the United Nations. These reforms will urge the body to ensure more predictability and greater transparency. The basic idea behind these changes, according to the US officials, is to make the body more efficient to do its role. The US President is not happy with the body’s overall functioning, terming it more of a place for people coming together to enjoy their time.

US to Drop Ally Status of Pakistan

Trump Administration is already considering dropping the ally status for Pakistan. Similarly, Pakistan is also considering to give a response if the US goes with it. The country may consider taking a tough diplomatic policy against the United States. The new policy, according to the insiders, contains three tough diplomatic policy decisions. These three decisions include limiting diplomatic relations with the US, reducing terrorism related cooperation, and not cooperating with the US in Afghanistan.

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