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Trump to Withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement

The US as per the announcement by the President Donald Trump will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Donald Trump made a promise to pull out of the Paris climate agreement during his election campaign.

Open to Renegotiate Paris Climate Agreement

Donald Trump also said that he is willing to have a second look at the Paris climate agreement. Therefore, he may be open to renegotiating the deal instead.  

Donald Trump’s logic is that Paris climate agreement defeats the average American worker. As per the US President, this accord gives undue advantage to foreign countries.

He pointed to the fact that he does not want other countries to laugh at America. Furthermore, he wants a fair treatment to the American worker.

Pressure to Abide by the Paris Climate Agreement

Donald Trump is facing pressure to stay with the Paris climate agreement. Even his daughter Ivanka Trump wants him not to withdraw from the agreement. However, he cannot handle the pressure from the Conservatives.

Trump argues that he is elected by citizens of Pittsburgh and not by French (Paris) citizens. He is following his “America First” policy of taking care of the US national interest.

The Entire Process to Get Rid of Paris Climate Agreement

If Donald Trump chooses to repeal the Paris Climate Agreement, it will take a long time. The process may take up to November 2020 to conclude. It is the time when the next US Presidential Election will be up for grabs.

Trump seems less than excited to reduce the US commitments to reduce its carbon footprint. He seems less than enthusiastic to come to the negotiating table urgently. Furthermore, he clarified that the US is going to get out and will not be coming back if it does not find any better deal.

End to the US Green Climate Fund Contributions

This announcement will mean the undoing of the US carbon footprint reduction commitments by President Obama. President Obama had committed that the US will reduce carbon footprint by 26 to 28 percent in 10 years. The announcement will also end US contributions towards the UN Green Climate Fund.

Joint Statement on Trump’s Paris Climate Agreement Announcement

European leaders did not hide their dismay over Paris agreement announcement by Donald Trump. Three of the leading EU nations including France, Germany, and Italy issued a joint statement.

Summary of the Statement

The three countries stated that the momentum gained in 2015 Paris Agreement is not reversible. The three countries believe that they cannot renegotiate the Paris Agreement. They believe Paris Agreement is necessary for the planet, as well as economies and societies.

Angela Merkel to Step Up Climate Change Efforts

Angela Merkel through her Twitter account said that she is not pleased with the Trump’s Paris Agreement announced. She vows to do more to protect the climate.

Theresa May’s Response to Trump’s Announcement

Similarly, the British Prime Minister seemed concerned over the statement by Trump. She said that Paris climate agreement represents a framework to protect security & prosperity of coming generations. She stated that the UK remains a staunch supporter of this initiative to fight climate change.

Emmanuel Macron’s Response to Trump Announcement

Furthermore, the French President also came in support of the French climate agreement. He said that his country would not renegotiate for a less ambitious agreement. He further added that there is no Plan B to back out of the Paris accord.

How Justin Trudeau Saw the Announcement?

The Canadian Prime Minister followed the rest of the leaders. He said that he called Trump to express his disappointment.

Mexicans Were Also Not Happy

Similarly, Mexico issued a statement that it would support the Paris Agreement. The country will keep on playing its part to stop ill effects of global climate change.

Vatican Not Pleased with Trump’s Announcement

Vatican is less than happy with the Trump’s withdrawal. In a statement, Vatican calls the decision a “huge slap” in the face. A few days ago Pope Francis tried to dawn the importance of climate change on Trump.

Japan Not Impressed

Japan also came forward to support the climate change agreement. It called the announcement by Trump as regrettable.

Australia’s Stance

Australia’s Energy & Environment Minister reiterated his country’s commitment to climate change. He seemed disappointed by Trump’s withdrawal from the accord.

New Zealand’s Disagreement on Financial Costs

New Zealand appears to disagree with the associated financial costs. The country’s Climate Change Minister argued that the US is not paying its fair share to fight climate change.

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