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Trump’s Reason For Canceling UK Visit Questions His Genius

American President Donald Trump has canceled his visit to the UK which was expected this month. While continuing the tradition of using Twitter for communication of official matters, POTUS tweeted about his reason for canceling the UK visit.

While citing the reason for his cancelation of the UK visit Trump targeted Obama administration for a deal to sell the old London Embassy and to build a new one for $1.2 bn.

So, apparently, Trump prevented himself from the embarrassment of wasting taxpayer’s money, by cutting the ribbon for an uncalled for extravagance embassy.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May had invited President Trump to visit Uk, during her official visit to the US last year. According to media reports, Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson would now, cut the ribbon for the inauguration of new embassy.

The Reason Questions the Trumps Genius

The reason just didn’t make sense while questioning the Trump’s genius for not going well with the facts. According to media reports, Bush administration had made the deal about new London Embassy in 2008. So, Trump couldn’t blame the Obama if he thought the deal to be a bad bad idea. In this way, Trump seemingly just came up with a lame excuse to avoid the likely protestors in the UK who don’t like him for his racist views.

UK Politicians and Social Media Users Briskly Responded to Trump’s Tweet about the cancellation of his UK visit

Former Labour party leader, Ed Miliband was so quick to point out the Trump’s flawed reason for not coming to the UK. He tweeted that it was his unpopularity among the people that made him cancel his plans.

The most straightforward response came on behalf of the London of Mayor Sadiq Khan. In his tweet, he expressed that it was seemingly the wish of London’s people against Trump’s UK visit due to the divisive agenda that has made him cancel his plans.

Mayor of London is an open critic of Donald Trump. There is a history of the clash between both the politicians. He is also making efforts to keeping the diversity of London intact, even after the Brexit. For this purpose, he has visited the countries of the world to convey them a message that London still welcomes the talent with open arms. Sadiq Khan also visited Sub-continent as part of his London is an Open campaign.

Facts about New London Embassy and Donald Trump’s Attempt at Perception Management

Apart from Trump’s flawed knowledge about who made the deal for new London embassy, it seems he doesn’t know the motive behind building a new US embassy in London. According to media reports administration has decided to shift the US embassy from Mayfair London to Nine Elms on the pretext of security measures. The aging embassy building was considered unfit according to officials.

Donald Trump who seems perturbed by Michael Wolff’ Fire and Fury, is already trying hard to defend his position in response to the allegations in the book. In such a situation, facing the likely protests from London citizens upon his UK visit poses a threat to his already dwindling reputation.

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