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Trump’s Speech in India Was Good Only for Hilarious Memes

US President Donald Trump’s visit to India remained the talk of the town on social media. On Monday morning Prime Minister Narender Modi welcomed Trump in Ahmedabad along with his wife Melania Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump and son in law Kushner. Donald Trump’s visit to India has created a huge buzz on social media. The hashtags #NamasteyTrump, #TrumpInIndia, #TrumpIndiaVisit, and #IndiaWelcomesTrump have been trending since this morning among the burst of tweets with a huge number of memes. Well, it was Bollywood and cricket content of Trump’s speech that went viral on social media.

Some Hilarious Jokes from Trump’s Speech

All this began from Trump’s visit to Sabarmati Ashram where jokes were at the expense of PM Modi as well.

During his tour of Gandhi’s home Trump also expressed his feelings in writing probably comprehensive only for salespersons at the pharmacy.

Trump Getting the Names of Indian Celebrities Wrong

Twitter users have found a lot of meme material in Donald Trump’s address at the Namaste Trump event held at Ahmedabad’s Motera Cricket Stadium. In an attempt to show his respect for Indian people Trump praised different traditions of Indian popular culture but only ended up being a meme material. POTUS faced a difficult time in pronouncing names of Indian cricketers and blockbuster Bollywood movies. And, this is where the social media kicked in.


 Take a look at some of the memes here:

BBC went ahead to school Trump on how to pronounce correctly.

Indians were also speculating possible Pakistani reactions to Trump’s speech.

Folks were comparing Obama’s DDLJ mention with Trump’s DDLJ mention.

Indians took Trump’s mention of Bollywood as a validation of their industry’s popularity. They might not be any more angry at POTUS for offering a mediating role in Kashmir.

In fact, the US President tried to hit all the soft spots to capture the attention of Indians.

A Moment of Joy for SRK Fans

Critics and fans were using Trump’s speech to make a point about how Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer DDLJ had made a mark on American viewers and probably Trump’s speechwriters as well.

US President\s speech in India remained limited to Bollywood and cricket he didn’t raise any concern about the gross violation of human rights in Kashmir and entire India that manifested well in revocation of article 371 and Citizenship Amendment Act.

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