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Trump’s UK Visit: What POTUS Has to Say About Queen and Brexit

The United States’ President Donald Trump is busy letting the world know that he is a deal maker. He visited the United Kingdom despite knowing that UK citizens don’t want to see him in their country. And, he is all set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin despite knowing that people in his country criticize him for being a Russian ally. Well, the Trump’s UK visit didn’t seem to be anything extraordinary in the world’s affairs rather than a manifestation of American President’s busy schedule to meet the world leaders.

Trump’s UK Visit and Protests Against Him

Trump’s UK visit remained in the news for anti-Trump protests rather than what he discussed with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and what was his agenda. The protestors came up with a giant Trump blimp to fly over London to express their agony over Donald Trump‘s racist rhetoric in the United States of America.

Apart from the orange colored effigy of the Donald Trump, thousands of people took to the streets of Central London to show their discontent over President of America’s visit to the UK.

Trump Over Brexit During UK Visit

Another thing that became a talk of the town during Trump’s UK visit was his interview with The Sun. The political editor of The Sun Tom Newton Dunn in a series of tweets revealed how Theresa May’s stance on Brexit could impact the trade deals with the United States.

After the resignation of Borrish Johnson and David Davis over Brexit plan at Chequers Theresa May faced the chances of a no-confidence vote to be triggered by Tory’s MPs. So, the Trump’s stance over Theresa May’s plan somewhat told what President of the United States had to say on the matter.

Trump’s Meeting with Queen

Donald Trump and Melania Trump also went to visit the queen at Windsor Palace. And, it was one of the moments that he was looking forward to during his UK visit. In his interview with Piers Morgan, he called the incredible queen woman.

He said, “He is so sharp, she is so beautiful. When I say beautiful- inside and out. That is a beautiful woman”, reported Evening Standard.

Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Trump’s UK visit is followed by his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is interesting how POTUS will play a role as dealmaker after meeting the heads of two states which are going through a cold relation after Salsbury poisoning incident, in a quick concession.

Well, his opponent Hillary Clinton has brilliantly used Football World Cup 2018 final to take a jibe at his alleged connections with Russia.

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