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Truthfully Asking, Are You Facing Your Fears Like A Fool

As always, on October 10, 2017, I opened my Facebook account and what I saw was the newsfeed pouring with posts about mental health issues and the problems suffered by its patients. It’s quite a severe problem, but it’s a fact that most of us see our usual fears too damn seriously. I don’t know why we desperately want to be a worry geek? (Well sometimes I want to become one also! hehe) But on a funny note can we take the hold a little lighter? Of course for those who suffer not at alarming stages like the peers who face office dramas (or immaculately saying enjoying those if you are not the topic of them)! Or fear from bossy bosses! Wealth or health issues, whatever they are, just keep in mind that the more you focus on them, the more significant they will become.

Wonder if these pseudo faced issues ever have a voice, what would they say to each other? “Hey Hahahaha! Look what have I done! I have made another one a blockhead! “, So stay safe from their sneaky moves and sarcastic remarks and behold your hurdles as small as you can, and soon you will have your desired results.

How Fears Play with Our Minds?

First, let’s have a look at what is fear to us? Something creepy, disturbing, monstrous or the one we always want to flee? But if we take a closer look, is it that horrendous and scary as we think or our minds are making us fool? Seriously, what a shame that a little twisted and the lobular thing makes us feel bad all of a sudden, give us ill thoughts and we start to become gloomy with mouth stretched to our knees? What a fuss our brain does to us?

fears - are you a fool?

Most of the times the trouble I feel so mammoth turns out to be as small as an ant, and the solution is right in front of my eyes! I just have to take my eyes off that trouble and then pick a-boo! My solution bulb lightens, and it’s gone! Now I desperately want to ask my brain: “what the hell are you doing?? You are supposed to give me proper guidance and answers and instead, you scared me of tiny and fishy stuff?  And you know what happens next? It gets silent as if someone taped its mouth. The thing that always keeps blabbering now just goes off!

Professional Advice on Facing Fears

Professionals say that the best thing to get rid of your fears is to face them. What if we become a little humorous and challenging towards our problems? Sounds tough or may be silly but trust me it’s not. Start to trick your brain instead of it making you sit or wander melancholically as an idiot! I hope these tips would help you vent your fears because it comforts me a little at least. We have to overcome our fears to fight the symptoms of anxiety and depression in our lives.

As the famous inspirational character, Bob Proctor says: “You are the only problem, you will ever have, and you are the only solution.” To deal with some situations in your life, you need self-help advice. It usually works if you take and apply it.

So get out of your mind that controls you and get over it, take a ride on it and make it think what you want to believe!

Happy controlling of you over yourself!

Author - Nayab Zehra

Nayab Zehra is a writing geek who believes in overcoming fears of life with a positive mindset.

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