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Turkey Netherlands Tensions Rise to New Heights

Turkey Netherlands tensions are rising to new heights. In an apparent tit for tat reaction, Turkey responded in kind to the actions taken by the Netherlands.

The Background to Turkey Netherlands Tensions

The Dutch and Turkish governments had a disagreement. The Turkish ministers wanted to hold rallies in the Netherlands. The idea was to win support for the Turkish President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan for an upcoming referendum.

The new referendum is aimed to expand Erdogan’s presidential powers. The Dutch seemed unconvinced about Turkish Ministers coming to Netherlands to campaign for the Turkish President.

Why is Netherlands Worried?

Netherlands is worried because of the upcoming election in the country. The Dutch Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders has suspended public campaigning for the nearby election.

The politician is not only concerned because of his extremely anti-Islamic views but also because one of the far-right politician’s police security team got arrested for giving whereabouts of Geert Wilders to a Dutch-Moroccan criminal gang.

The Reactions from Both Netherlands and Turkey

The first reaction was stopping the Turkish Foreign Minister from entering the Netherlands.

The second, Turkey’s Family Minister arrived in Netherlands by car. But as soon as she arrived in the country, she was sent back to German border by Dutch Police.

Third, Dutch Police used batons and guard dogs to disperse peaceful protestors protesting against sending the Family Minister outside Netherlands.

Here is how Turkish President Responded.

Turkish President


“They are very nervous and cowardly. They are Nazi remnants; they are fascists.”

Here is how the Family Minister of Turkey responded to Netherlands.

“The whole world must take action against this fascist practice! Such a treatment against a woman minister cannot be accepted.”

Here is what the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim had to say.

“There will be a stronger reprisal against the unacceptable treatment toward Turkey and ministers who have diplomatic immunity. Our so-called European friends who speak of democracy, freedom of expression and human rights have failed their class.”

Here is what Rutte had to say about President Erdogan’s comment.

“It’s a crazy remark of course. I understand they’re angry, but this of course was way out of line.”

Turkey Netherlands tensions have resulted in the event of closing the Dutch Embassy and Consulate in Turkey. Turkish authorities have given security reasons behind the close of embassy. The Turkish government has also closed residences of Dutch ambassador Charge De Affairs and Consul General.

Earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister made it clear that Turkey did not want the return of the Dutch Ambassador from leave.

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