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This is How You Turn Passion into Profession

We all love, what we do? Right? Wrong!! Here is why we are all wrong on this one, and you need to consider turning your passion into a profession.

A survey back in 2014 by a non-profit, the Conference Board in New York suggests, 52.3 people not happy with their jobs. The company is conducting these studies since 1987. At the start, 61.1% of the employees were pleased with the work they were doing. So, it seems as if someone has turned the clock backward.

Three Reasons to Convert Your Passion into Profession

The simple logic to make you understand the reasons behind it.

If You Love What You Work, You Will Not Have to Work a Single Day

Well, yes, that is true. Imagine something you genuinely love. A kind of work that gives you immense satisfaction. Something, you want to do, and then you get a chance to do it. You would be running to work each day since you cannot wait to show the world your amazing skills for that profession.

On the flip side, imagine, you choose a profession because some friend told you to do it. Because you thought it would offer you a lot of money or, the worst excuse because every one of my age fellows was doing it. So, if you love what you do, you will attain mastery in it and excel.

Your Learning Hat is Always On and Never Off

When you are listening to something your boss is telling you to do, you will only hear it better once you are passionate about it. If you are not excited about a task, you will not work that hard on it. Even if you do, you may not find that sense of inner satisfaction or a feeling of accomplishment.

This is How You Turn Passion into Profession

We as humans are creatures of purpose. We are driven by our inner desires to make ourselves look good at doing something. Even if we attain mastery at something but that does not give us any purpose, we will not be happier. No matter how good a driver one becomes, we can hardly draw pleasure from this activity. However, if you feel for a cause and start an NGO on it, every day you are making a difference and riding on a sense of purpose or joy.

When You Turn Your Passion into Profession, You Excel at What You DO!!

Why do people excel in their jobs? Well, they do because they love it, right? No, not always. Even if you do your job well, you may not still excel at doing it. You also need to be passionate about your work.

Then what passion has to do with excelling in the job? Well, when you are passionate about something, you have that inner drive, a sense of satisfaction, and positive energy. The positive energy does not only become your primary source of motivation; it becomes infectious. When others around you see your positivity, they also start thinking about challenging tasks as accomplishable. Thus, organizations love people who bring a positive energy to the team. A will to get the work done, lead by example and carry that infectious positive energy that creates an optimistic working environment for the entire organization to move forward.

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