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Midnight Sun of Twilight Series to Have Vampire Perspective This Time

Stephenie Meyer author of popular book Twilight has announced new addition to series Midnight Sun from the vampire Edward Cullen’s perspective. New book Midnight Sun will hit the bookstores in August 2020.

Author Stephenie Meyer is going to release Midnight Sun 12 years after abandoning the manuscript. In contrast to the earlier books which were from Bella’s perspective the new book is from Edward’s perspective; something which is really going to add to the interest of fans.

For over a week, Twilight fans were very eager to find out what was going on. They were perhaps speculating some new evil vampire from Twilight and many more. Stephenie Meyer’s personal website crashed after countdown stopped on Monday which was ticking since last week set against a starry sky.

Since the release of first book “Twilight” in 2005 the supernatural series followed by the love story of handsome vampire Edward Cullen and Bella Swan cultivated millions of fans worldwide.  The four-book Twilight saga has sold more than 100m copies, and generated five major movies starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella.

 The five-film adaptations of the series earned $3.3bn, the first was “Twilight” in 2008, followed by “New moon” “Eclipse,” “Breaking Dawn — Part I” and 2012’s “Breaking Dawn — Part 2” which was the last chapter earned $829 million worldwide.

About Midnight Sun of Twilight Saga

The twelve drafts of Midnight Sun are available on Stephenie Meyer’s official website and will be released through publishing company Hachette Book Group.

Midnight Sun was supposed to be published in 2008 but it was cancelled when the manuscript was leaked online and writer shelved the project completely.

According to Twilight author Stephenie Mayer, the idea of letting Edward have his chance to speak stuck with her and she couldn’t shake it off. She added that she found herself jotting down phrases for Edward as she would sit down to let Edward get his say.

In a press release, Stephenie Mayer hoped that the book would give readers a chance to live in an imaginary world for a while and will bring a little pleasure to anticipate. She added that she appreciated the patience and support of readers.

Those obsessed with Twilight series seem so excited to read about Twilight series new book Midnight Sun

Announcement of Midnight Sun’s Release Has Made Fans Crazy

It seems that those who read few chapters from the leaked draft have liked it.

A Breathe for Fresh Air in A Crisis Hit Year

The year 2020 seen humanity in crisis first due to Australian bush fires and then because of coronavirus pandemic. But arrival of Midnight Sun in the next half of 2020 seems so healing.

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