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Twitter Faces Criticism for Issues with Audio Tweets Feature

Twitter has launched a new feature where users can record audio tweets. Apparently the majority of the users are not happy with this update as they have criticized it through social media reactions and memes. Moreover the audio feature is only meant for iOS users right now which has intensified the criticism. 

The social media giant blogged on 17 June that sometimes 280 characters are not enough to express the thoughts. Therefore, it has decided to test this new audio feature that can record up to 140 seconds of audio.

How To Record Audio Tweets On Twitter?

Twitter claims that this feature adds a human experience to the way people use the platform for micro-blogging. iOS users can record audio tweets by tapping the new wavelength icon in the tweet composer. Then the profile pictures appear in the middle and the record button at the bottom. Users can tap this button to start recording.

Once the audio tweet has reached the time limit, a new voice note starts thus creating a thread like regular tweets. Finally users have to tap the “Done” button once done and go back to the tweet composer to post Tweets. It is reported that this feature can only be used for original tweets and not for replies or retweets.

What Do Users Think About This Audio Feature By Twitter?

People think this addition to be unnecessary since they seem to have more pressing concerns that Twitter has been unable to resolve.

They opine that before introducing new features, the platform must focus on its current issues; such as users not being able to edit tweets in case of grammatical or factual mistakes.

Few months back reports emerged about Twitter introducing edit tweets feature but there doesn’t seem any progress in this regard.

Some think that twitter will increase the disbalance in societal harmony like this. Miscreants have found another tool to continue foul play and keep promoting unnecessary and filthy content on social media. The worst part is that no one would be able to reply to them in voice.

Well, they can at least free their hands and listen to the episodic podcasts that people would start over there.

Can It Suppress The More Important Voices?

Mostly it’s gonna be random folks doing weird things and torturing other people with outrageous voices.

What has Twitter done to enable its users to search for those voices that matter? People should have the power to specify which voices are important and must appear more than the above one. America screamed to raise the problem of structural racism in the country.

Twitter replied with this response which was considered insufficient. Majority thinks that if the new feature is inaccessible then why make it available anyway? 

One user points out that audio tweets are discriminatory towards deaf people who already have limited access to media. Tweet further stresses that tech giants must work to enhance the experience of deaf people. Currently many prospect hunters exploit the platform and its users. Tech giants are also coming slow in the fight against racism in most US communities.

For Android Users?

Twitter has not confirmed nor denied whether this feature will be available for android or not, so until then:

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