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Twitter Blocks French Government’s Campaign Over Fake News Laws

Twitter blocked a social media campaign by the French government, implementing its new fake news laws. These laws came in to effect in December last year and were introduced to stop the prevalence of fake news through social media by the French president.

Why Did Twitter Block Election Campaign by French Government

In light of the coming election in the EU, the French government started a social media campaign to educate people on the importance of getting themselves registered and take part in the election process.

Twitter blocked this campaign stating that it did not understand how to comply with the fake news laws and opted to distance itself from the campaign entirely. It further said that it needed more time to understand how to implement and comply with the law.

According to media reports despite the government’s full willingness to comply with the laws and readiness to pay the company, Twitter still decided to block the campaign and distance itself from the situation.

What Are These Fake News Laws?

According to the new fake news laws, any political campaign conducted on social media must declare openly and clearly who is funding it, and must mention the name of the firm running it. The laws were introduced last year by the French president in country. He felt there needed to be stricter social media regulation to prevent false news from spreading.

How Are the French Reacting To This Block ?

French social media users seem angry and confused at Twitter for blocking the government’s social media campaign.

They are failing to understand social media’s response to the campaign. Christophe Castaner, the interior minister, lauded his dissatisfaction with micro blogging platform and  opined that the company should fight against material that glorifies terrorism rather than the other way around

 MP, Naïma Moutchou said it as if twitter pulling an April fool’s joke. In  a tweet, she said that the campaign is just to educate and encourage people to participate in the election process and nothing more.

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