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Twitter Likely to Bring Edit Tweets Feature for Users

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced that his company is planning on bringing a new feature that will allow users to edit their tweets while keeping the original ones still public.

Why Would Twitter Do Something like This?

In an outreach in 2016 Twitter CEO asked its users what changes they would like on Twitter. Amongst the responses was the request to add an edit tweet feature. Allowing users to edit their posted tweets.The addition of this feature is nothing short of a challenge, and a careful method of implementation needs to be planned out.

The whole concept of Twitter is to provide real-time information so once you post or tweet something the only way to remove it is by deleting it entirely.  This edit feature  will allow users to change their tweets instead of making them delete the post.

Impact of Edit Tweet Feature

Where this feature will provide users the ability to change tweets to convey what they want the potential miss use of this feature can’t be overlooked. A person may replace an existing post which expresses one viewpoint to another causing confusion.

In a recent interview, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said how the feature would work is not yet clear it may include a delay window of 5-30sec allowing users to change their tweets before sending.

He further said if such a feature is introduced proper steps would be taken to ensure the complete absence of misuse or foul play.

The User’s Response to The New Feature

The users have broadly welcomed this feature with open arms. They say as long as the integrity of the conversation is kept intact there is no need to worry.

While other welcome the feature many people fear that it may spark some controversies.\

The ability to edit typos and grammatical mistakes is ok but giving people like Trump a chance to change the entire nature of the conversation is sheer madness say some

How the edit feature will work or even if there will be an edit feature is not yet clear. People, in either case, are eagerly waiting to know what the final decision is going to be.

Do you think there should be a edit option on Twitter? Let us know by leaving an opinion in comment box.

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