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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Faces Criticism for His Tweets on Myanmar

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is under fire for promoting tourism in Myanmar through his tweets despite the country’s involvement in Rohingya genocide. The chief executive of microblogging website shared his experience of meditating in Myanmar caves, food and recreational sites of the country but ended up facing criticism for ignoring the plight of Rohingya Muslims. 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey About His Visit to Myanmar

In a series of Twitter threads, he talked about serenity of Myanmar, its peopl,e food, and various meditation postures he performed at monasteries in the cities of Mandalay, Yangon and Bagan. 

Overall, there was a mixed response to Twitter CEO’s tweets. At one hand people appreciated him for promoting yoga and meditation practices but on the other hand they criticized him how he ignored the crisis of Mayanmar’s Rohingya community which was a victim of brutal violence and ethnic cleansing at the hands of country’s military.

People asked Dorsey does if he cared about Rohingya genocide?


They called out Jack for talking about food and people but not knowing about the monks who were killing. 

The question of Rohingya followed Jack in every single tweet.


Twitter users also shared the scenes of Rohingya people becoming homeless after being target of ethnic cleansing.


Again he was criticized for showing no care for the brutal massacre of Rohingya that regime was involved in.

Criticism for Carrying Devices Along

It was not only the negligence towards the issue of Muslim minority community of Myanmar that landed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in hot waters, folks slammed him for taking along devices like Apple watch and doing photography during his meditation courses in the country.

This reaction summed up the situation pretty well.

A look at responses from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey thread about his Myanmar experience reveals that mostly people don’t seem impressed from his tales of doing yoga on bare concrete floor. Apart from criticism on his praise of Myanmar and its monk despite the regime’s brutal treatment of Rohingya in Rakhine, many Twitter users criticized Dorsey for carrying devices and showing off about his vacations in Myanmar.

Even a New York Times reporter took a jibe at Dorsey for spending vacations in a country involved in genocide.

It is to be noted that Rohingya genocide in Myanmar is one of the worst human rights violation of the decade that has left almost one million people to end up in refugee camps. 

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