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You Can’t Edit, but You May Be Able to Clarify Tweets

At the Goldman Sachs event in San Francisco on Thursday Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter is considering introducing a feature that helps people clarify their tweets.

What does Clarify Tweet mean

After Twitter announced it may add an edit feature .the microblogging is now considering a tool to help people clarify their tweets .Let say you’ve posted a tweet that people perceived as ill hearted by the help of the new feature you will be able to convey your thoughts and emotion through a caption which will get tagged to the tweet and will appear alongside it for all to see.

The company planned to introduce this feature (if they can make it) after they noted people were regretting some old post of theirs and wanted to if they could delete them. There are many high profile examples like Kevin heart or Trevor Noah that came under extreme fire for some of their old tweets which many misunderstood according to them

Dorcy continues to comment by saying that this feature has great potential. He further said as the first objective of tweeter is to bring people closer and not divide them. He assured tweeter will explore all possible options to  prevent the miss use of this feature and prevent  hostile environments from being generated

Other Potential Uses of the Clarify Feature

There are many other potential uses for the clarify feature. This feature will allow news agencies to provide regular updates regarding particular news.However, the clarify tweet feature has its limits and can’t work for all tweets. There not much you can do to explain a dumb tweet.

The only way to prevent a problematic situation from occurring is not to post something stupid in the first place and regret it.

Peoples Reaction to the clarify feature

Many feel that a clarify tweet feature is not the need of the hour. What is needed is an Edit button that allows the user to edit any tweet. For now, some are forced to delete their tweet due to type which annoys them.

other feel this is a terrible idea as this will give people another way to abuse each other or hide their true intentions

some people are supporting twitter and are saying that the current system is perfect

folks are shotgunning the tweeter CEO for some old tweets he posted 

It is not clear yet whether Twitter will come up with an edit Tweet or Clarify Tweet feature. But,  one thing is sure that there is a need for clear communication between people.

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