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Twitter And Facebook Block Accounts Managed by Chinese State

On Monday, Twitter and Facebook blocked accounts that were backed by the Chinese state and were involved in undermining the legitimacy of the Hong Kong protest. The accounts were operated from Mainland China with the help of VPN’s.

Twitter and Facebook Block Fake Chinese Accounts

In a press release, Twitter announced that it had blocked approximately two hundred thousand accounts involved in the propagation of Chinese government-backed narrative against the legitimacy of the Hong Kong protests. Apart from Twitter, Facebook in its press release also stated it had blocked seven pages, three groups and five accounts believed to be involved in doing propaganda.

As Twitter and Facebook are both banned in China, the now blocked accounts on both the platforms were operated with the help of VPNs. People backed by the government would access these social platforms after generating their own accounts and then post content portraying the Hong Kong protesters as cockroaches.

On Facebook, the fake accounts were involved in various online campaigns, postings, and sharing of content against the protesters. Such accounts would often portray themselves as news agencies and often directed the user to offsite platforms where the related post could be found.

We Have Identified the Individuals Involved

“Despite going to great lengths to conceal their identities, our investigation into these accounts has revealed the identities of some people, “said Facebook in a press release “these individuals involved were found to be very close to the government.”

Aggressive Steps Have Been Taken To t Stop the Protests

The protests in Hong Kong have been going on for 11 weeks now and getting more violent with the passing every week. Protesters are clashing with riot police on a daily basis. The media has also reported some injuries as a result of clashes between protestors and police.

The HK polices, and the Chinese government is taking stringent steps to stop the protest once and for all.

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