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Here Is What Twitter Fleets Feature Is All About

Twitter on Wednesday announced about the story sharing feature called fleets just like Facebook and Instagram. Initially it was tested internally between employees. The feature is up for beta testing in Brazil now.

Kayvon Beykpour the product lead at Twitter announced this feature throuh his Twitter handle.

How Twitter Fleets Work?

The Twitter fleet is a way of sharing fleeting thoughts. Unlike tweets it disappears after 24 hours and doesn’t get retweets, likes and comments like usual posts.

This sound more like stories

Just like snaps of Snapchat and stories of Instagram and other social media platforms fleet is located above the timeline and appears as a bubble around user icon. Users can compose Fleet by simple clicking on “+” sign. However they can add photo, GIF, and even videos.

Twitter fleet allows users to post videos of length up to 2 minutes or 20 seconds in length; they can add multiple files including tweet up to 280 characters. The edit tweets feature which is also in beta testing mode is not included in fleet yet. People can only react to story with emoji reaction and through direct message (DM) only.

Why Twitter needs feature like Fleet?

Mo Aladham, a Twitter group product manager reportedly described the need Fleet, He remarked that As tweets are public and permanent, people are not comfortable about this and have public counts. He also hoped that people wouldn’t get uncomfortable about sharing their thoughts with less pressure and in a control way in their stories.  

According to media reports the Twitter fleet arrived just after the remarks made by activist investor Elliott Management Corp remarled that Twitter was not living up to its potential and the CEO Jack Dorsey was distracted by his side projects.

As other social media networks had adopted new technologies Twitter is stick to focus on its core product.

Reaction of Twitter user on new update

Twitter users are not happy with new update they are expecting edit button, banning of bots and much more but the new update. Further the Twitter fleet feature makes the stories more similar to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other such social media platforms that serve a purpose quiet contrary to this mircoblogging website.

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