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Twitter’s Stories Feature Fleet Faces Criticism from Users

Twitter has finally launched its version of stories, called Fleets. The stories feature has been made famous by social apps like Snapchat and Instagram. However, it appears that the bird app was not able to provide the similar experience to those who use this feature.

The fleet feature works like fleeting thoughts that occur for only a short time in human brain. Similarly, fleets appear for only 24 hours on Twitter’s platform.

Twitter’s New Stories Feature Is Not Working Good for Users

The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by users in trying out the new addition seem to have affected its performance. Many users reported on twitter that their Fleets were lagging, making the app slow, or even crashing in some cases.


Fleets appear in form of circle in topside of app. Users noticed that it was incredibly slow to tap or swipe through the fleets. It becomes a tedious process to watch all the available fleets. Some users may feel like it’s an issue with their phone, but it’s not the case. The new feature is just rushed and not optimized well, which also causes the Twitter app to crash sometimes.

Many users complained Twitter about the issues they were experiencing. As soon as they updated the app with the new Fleets feature, they were unable to use it properly.

Users who were accustomed to elite smartphones like the iPhone also faced issues with fleets. They might have felt a little less elite when their extraordinary smartphone was lagging in showing fleets.

On top of that, the app forces the user to watch all fleets by person chronologically rather than showing their latest fleet in 24 hours.

Suggestions From Users

Some users also noted significant security flaws in the new feature. Apparently, the shared fleet will also link itself with tweets without notifying the fleeter. Moreover, it will show to even those people, who users have blocked. Such digital loopholes can welcome all forms of online harassment.


It is also argued that 24 hours was a very long time for a story to stay alive. There are more than 330 million active users on Twitter that use the app for different ambitions. Users who tested Fleets, suggested that they should appear for maximum one hour only.

It could result in less opportunity for the harasser or manipulator. It could also take off some load from app, which has been increased by the probing traffic from users.

Others felt that edit tweet feature was still a better (or a rather basic) feature to add in Twitter for making corrections in the published tweet


Twitter’s Response To The Issue

The tech giant was not much bothered about the criticism because users kept on using the feature despite its drawbacks

The company did not publically announce when these issues will be fixed.

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