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Japan Hit By Typhoon Jebi- The Strongest in 25 Years

Typhoon Jebi, which is likely to be the most powerful storm of its kind in the last quarter century has hit western Japan on Tuesday. The typhoon that made its first landfall on Tokushima Prefecture triggered the rainfall and violent winds in the western region of the country.

Typhoon Jebi Hits Japan

Typhoon Jebi, the strongest storm to hit the country in last 25 years has reportedly resulted in one killing and several injuries. Viral live videos from the scene being shared by the people and news agencies on social media show violent winds and rain lashing at buildings, roads, and coasts.

According to reports, the typhoon caused a tanker berthed at Osaka Bay to slip away from its place and hit into the bridge linking Kansai Airport to the mainland. While the boat and bridge may have received damage in the incident, it, fortunately, didn’t cause any human injuries. Many tv channels shared the footage of more than 2400 tonnes, massive tanker slamming the bridge.

Typhoon Jebi also caused flooding in runway and basement of Kansai airport, according to local authorities. Airlines have also canceled the local and international air flights, as a precautionary measure.

Apart from the tanker event, several social media videos showed traffic on roads getting destabilized by the heavy winds and vehicles hitting the bridge fences.

Videos showed winds lashing at buildings and blowing away the stuff. Social media users sharing such footages were asking Japan to stay strong.

The recent typhoon is another addition to the massive rainfalls, floods, and landslides that reportedly caused 220 deaths.

Warning from Meteorological Department

According to Meteorological agency projections, the typhoon Jebi which was heading to Northward towards the sea of Japan coast in Tohoku will weaken into a cyclone by Wednesday morning. It has further warned that system could trigger more violent winds, floods, landslides, lightning and even tornadoes.

Government Warning People to Stay Safe

The government has reportedly issued the evacuation advisory to almost 1.19 million people and asked them to move to the safest shelters. The prime minister Shinzo Abe who canceled his trip to Kyushu region, in the wake of the typhoon also urged people to evacuate earlier. Before, the calamity-hit Japan, Shinzo was traveling across the country to campaign for its party in upcoming presidential elections.

Typhoon Jebi which is the most violent storm to hit Japan in last 25 years, is not the only calamity that country has faced; it is quite prone to suffering from natural disasters like tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The state is working towards the development of an infrastructure which can better resist such natural threats.

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