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Uber Delivery Service is Going to Use Robotics for Deliveries

On Monday, Uber revealed some of its future autonomous delivery plans that include the addition of electric vehicles and drone delivery of food or other items. The company plans to launch the updated Uber delivery service in different geographical regions where the demand for electric cars for transportation is high. It has already tested the service in a few regions, including San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Dubai. The firm is also currently considering more areas to expand its program. Other than that, the drone food delivery is undergoing test runs.

Robotics for Uber Delivery Service

Uber has been expanding its creative boundaries by adapting technological and futuristic means to pursue autonomous delivery services. On Monday, the firm announced the plans for the Uber delivery service during a press release in which it revealed two latest additions to its facilities. The company will introduce a short-range robotic delivery of goods to L.A. customers. It hasn’t been disclosed how the process will function but sooner in the near future, the sidewalk robots from Serve Robotics will be knocking at people’s doors to hand over their ordered products. The second extension in the Uber services is the availability of the most premium electric cars like Tesla and polestar. Booking the elite cars feature will be just a click away, like the Uber X that is used for luxury vehicles.

Uber Expanding its Prospectus

The latest two features in the list of Uber delivery service plans are just the tip of the iceberg. The company is holding a whole burst of customer assistance projects. Travellers might be able to rely on Uber from now on for their hoteling and travel conveyance. As per Uber, it will take care of hotel organisation, restaurant reservations, and ticket bookings for flights as well. The firm said that its customers would not have to worry about consulting different agents regarding their travelling and staying at hospitable venues. Uber will take care of their customers’ needs.

Uber’s Way of Compensating

Regardless of an eye for growing business and generating tons of revenue, Uber reportedly compensates for its previous notorious acts. In recent years, the company has been facing heat from the legal departments of different countries. London suspended its transportation license in 2019 over safety concerns. Then recently, the lawsuit against Uber for paralysing a man in a crash resulted in $63 Million. As per reports, the company is trying to do some damage control to stay in the customers’ good books. It revealed its rating program for users in February, and now the whole robotics for Uber delivery service is the newest way to wipe out dirt on its name.

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