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Uber UK Losses Again Because of Drivers’ Rights As Regular Workforce

Uber UK lost again because of a tribunal ruling going against it. The tribunal gave the verdict that the company must provide employment rights to the drivers. Uber UK had already got a ruling against it. But it chose to go to Employment Appeal Tribunal to challenge it. However, the verdict maintains that it must provide fundamental rights that every worker has as its driver.

Uber UK Argument

Uber UK does not want to give workers’ rights to its drivers. In its verdict, it maintains that it is only an agent. Therefore, it is no position to provide these provisions to its drivers. However, it was disappointed by the decision.

Overwhelming Reaction to the Employment Appeal Tribunal Decision

Many consider that the tribunal made the right decision ruling against the Uber UK. The overall reaction is that the company has a morally wrong claim. The workers feel that they have long working hours with not a lot of breaks. Similarly, the lack of breaks as per the drivers jeopardizes public safety.

So How Will It Turn Out?

There is a difference between how the company operates in comparison to other organizations. The other companies need their workers to show up even if they have no work. However, in case of the hailing cab service, there is no such thing as mandatory presence. A driver would only report via the app once they are available for duty. The workers or drivers, in this case, decide by themselves the number of hours they would like to work.

Uber UK Losses Again Because of Drivers' RightsGig Economy and Working Models

Employment Tribunals are looking at the way gig economies work around the world. However, the gig economy lacks that typical employer-employee relationship. Therefore, many argue that government needs to provide a precise self-employment definition. They believe such a clarity will help overcome the problems and would not require the tribunals to interfere.

Brexit and Link to Gig Economy

There is this dogma that many fail to unbundle. On one end there is a need for the British economy to be more competitive to compete with other economies. However, on the contrary, there is this intense underlying fear of Brexit. Many fear that if the firms in the UK keep outsourcing their work, it will make their life a lot more difficult. It would become tough for the local workforce to get work. Perhaps, they fear that it makes the Brexit unemployment fears right. So, it is difficult to see how the British government will deal with gig economy and potential risk of increased unemployment.

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