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How New Uber Users Ratings Can Affect Passengers and Drivers?

Uber has recently announced new Uber users ratings that will allow customers to see their behaviour evaluation. Before this update, only drivers could see how many stars passengers had given them and there was no way to know if the drivers had rated a user good or bad after the ride. This latest innovation has certain effects on the customers that will be beneficial for them to become reputed uber customers. 

Uber Users Ratings Let Drivers Rate Customers 

Since uber has become a trend across the globe, especially in underdeveloped countries there was only a one-sided judgment upon the drivers by the company. Poorly performing drivers were always at risk since they were given less than 5 stars due to which, the firm that it can their registrations as drivers. Now, the uber users rating feature seems to be the game-changer since it will balance the equation in terms of rating. 

The feature is beneficial for the drivers more than passengers because there was no solid proof previously other than the verbal justification of misbehaviour by the customers towards the uber drivers. In order to support the feature’s credibility, the company has also mentioned guidelines for the passengers to avoid getting a low rating. Uber mentioned that the riders are supposed to avoid door slamming, abusing, and vandalizing the vehicles. This way, the customer will also get to know how they should keep up with the appropriate behaviour during the ride. 

How can Customers Check their Ratings?

The transportation firm has added the Uber users ratings feature in the application’s menu. The customers can check it by clicking the ‘setting’ option. They will enter into the ‘privacy’ section where they will select ‘Privacy centre’. Users will swipe right in the section and select ‘would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber’ where they will be able to see how many rides they have taken. Scrolling down will reveal the rating blog that will display how the drivers have rated them. The box will also show that the feature is optional as not all the drivers will rate the customers since it is up to them.

Is Uber Trying Some Damage Control 

For the past 3 years, Uber has been going through tough times due to several reasons. Firstly, the competitors including inDriver, Bykea, Grab, Didi, Old Cabs, etc. are being more reliable as Uber’s reputation is on the line because of some controversial issues. Previously, $63 million lawsuits against Uber for paralyzing a man. Before that, its license was cancelled in London. Reportedly, adding a new feature of Uber users ratings is the company’s way to satisfy the drivers as well as customers. Moreover, it seems like an approach towards betterment.   

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