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UK General Election 2017 – The Last Show Down

There is one day left in the UK general election 2017, and both the leading parties are doing their best. Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are working hard to get the most out of the last election push.

UK General Election 2017 – Theresa May’s Manifesto

Theresa May is touching the issues closer to voter’s hearts. The Prime Minister also promises to bring in tax-free personal allowances. The increase in NHS funding is central to her party’s manifesto.

The Conservatives will go with the dementia tax as proposed by the party in an earlier debate. Similarly, the pensioners will have to pay for their healthcare until they have assets of over £100,000. The previous amount of the threshold was £23,250.

There is a proposal for an increase in school budgets by £4 billion by the year 2022. The party plans to scrap the free school meals to replace them with free breakfasts.

The party plans to revise taxation to make it simple to understand. Some of the areas in which the party plans to work include VAT, income tax, and national insurance. This approach will, as per the party, get everyone onboard.

The pension amounts will not change until 2020. However, the pensions will be allowed to increase in comparison to inflation or earnings after 2020, whichever is higher. Conservatives promise to take strict action those who will mismanage pension funds.

Theresa May’s party will work on reducing the number of immigrants to the UK. The party will count students in the total immigration statistics. Companies will have to pay double the amount of Immigration Skill Charge to £2,0000 a year.

Conservaties plan to simplify the railway ticketing system by introducing an ombudsman for the system. Public services need to agree on Service Level Agreements including train companies and make them mandatory for compliance. To work on improving the economy and removing the deficit altogether by the mid of the next decade.

The UK as per the party’s plan will give out 0.7 percent of its GDP as foreign aid. The party also vows to spend at least 2 percent of its GDP on the military. Conservatives also want to increase military spending by 0.5 percent above the inflation in every successive year after the new parliament takes charge.

Politics, Security, Homeless, and Executive Pay

The party plans to introduce “National Police Force” and setup “Serious Fraud Office” within the National Crime Agency. Conservative manifesto also advocates spending of £1 billion for modernizing British prisons.

There is a housing crisis in the UK. Theresa May’s party wants to address it by adding 500,000 new houses by the year 2022.

The party intends to decrease the number of MPs to 600 while introducing a new voting system.

The Conservatives feel the need to help the homeless in the UK. Therefore, the party commits to reducing the number of homeless in the UK to half by 2027.

Tories want the shareholders to decide on the salaries of their company’s executives. Similarly, they want listed companies to publish their executive’s pay in comparison to the UK workforce. Companies with a workforce of over 250 need to publish details of salary inequality between their male and female staff members.

Theresa May’s party will not allow a Scottish referendum until completion of the Brexit negotiations. Similarly, her party believes for the second Scottish Independence Referendum to take place, there needs to be public consent.

The Conservatives will allow the MPs to vote on the Repealing of the Hunting Act freely.

The party will introduce fixed cap on energy usage and will review it twice a year. The party also plans to introduce smart meters by the year of 2020.  

UK General Election 2017 – Jeremy Corbyn’s Manifesto

UK General Election 2017 – The Last Show DownOn the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn says that he will confront the US President Donald Trump on Climate Change. He also stated that he would ask Trump to take back his words on Sadiq Khan.

He plans to guarantee rights of the EU nationals in the UK immediately. Jeremy Corbyn also said that he would try to start Brexit negotiations right away.

Labour Party leader also stated that he becomes Britain’s Prime Minister, he will raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour.

Middle East, Brexit, Taxation, and More

Jeremy Corbyn also plans to challenge some Middle Eastern countries for funding terrorists.

The Labour Party promises to keep the UK a single market and ensure tariff-free trade with the EU. The party wants to build a new relationship with the EU post-Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn plans to raise the tax on 1.2 million people in the UK earning over £80,000 per year. The party also aims to decrease 45 percent taxation threshold from £150,000 to £80,000. Similarly, all those earning above £123,000 per year would have to pay 50 percent in taxes.

The party wants to raise £19.4 billion through corporate taxes by increasing its rate further. The party also plans to give more powers to HMRC to hunt down corporations and individuals avoiding taxes.

Labour party will bring back railways under the government’s ownership to cap fairs and provide free Wi-Fi service.

In education, Jeremy Corbyn’s part wants to eliminate tuition fees and maintain grants. To establish one publically owned energy company in each of UK’s regions, give government control to the electricity grids, and ban fracking.

The party wants to introduce £30 billion in funding for NHS. Labour party also plans to invest £8 billion in care services and increase allowances for care providing staff.

Pensioner benefits include winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, and compensation for women born in 1950.

The party wants to increase the housing by one million new homes and 4000 homes given to people with rough sleeping history.

The party wants to introduce 10,000 more police officers and review counter-terror program.

Labour Party’s other manifesto highlights include renewing the Trident, infrastructure investments of over £ 250 billion, and lowering of voting age to 16.

UK General Election 2017 – Difference Over Security Issues

The two leading parties disagree on some items. Security has become the most important issue because of the recent tragic events in the UK. There are also differences on how to improve the economy of the UK.

The UK general election 2017 also sees a reduced lead between the two parties. Back in May, Theresa May’s party believed to have a clear lead. However, there is a closing margin up to the UK general election 2017. The recent polls suggest a difference of only 11 to 12 percent between the two parties.

Voters Not Getting Ballot Papers in UK General Election 2017

There are still problems looming for voters who are not able to find ballot papers. The Plymouth City Council is most affected by the unavailability of ballot papers, where the officials are asking voters to call if they haven’t been able to get the ballot papers.

Voters who applied for ballot papers before May 23rd but were not able to receive them can place order replacement packs. They will get the ballot papers via special delivery. They can also collect the ballot papers from the council office or nominate someone to do that on their behalf.

Royal Mail responsible for delivering the ballot papers is looking into the matter. The spokeswoman says that it takes its responsibility of delivering the ballots very seriously. The Royal Mail will investigate and resolve the matter to provide the ballot papers as soon as possible.

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