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UK General Elections May Be On The Cards

Jeremy Corbyn stated that public could no longer trust the government of Theresa May. He said that MPs failed to fulfill their promises on NHS and deficit. He also accused the government of depriving schools of funds while giving tax relief to the wealthy. He seemed unhappy the government’s decision of early UK general elections.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Theresa May said that Labor would bankrupt the UK. She stated that only her government could ensure a stronger government and better economy.

The Call for the UK General Elections

The British Prime Minister said that a snap general election was for the Great Britain. She also requested the MPs to make the right and responsible decision.

Corbyn replied to Theresa May’s early stance of no UK general elections before 2020 saying

“How can any voter trust what the prime minister say.”

SNP’s Angus Robertson pointed out that she had refused to TV debates, so her stance was not sustainable.

PM Wants to Secure Position for Brexit

PM Wants to Secure Position for BrexitBrexit has divided the country’s opinion on many issues. The early poll would help Theresa May obtain the support she needs to go ahead with the making of Brexit related decisions.

Mr. Corbyn stated that he welcomed the prospect of having an early UK general elections. However, he also added that Mrs. Theresa May’s U-turn and her past seven years’ record had proven that he could not trust her.

Mr. Corbyn challenged the British Prime Minister that if she can defend her record, she should come on a TV debate which she has refused so far. He criticized the government’s record for increasing child poverty, rising debt, falling wages, and NHS facing a year-around crisis.

Here is his statement about the government breaking its promises.

“Austerity has failed. Over the last seven years, the Tories have broken every promise on living standards, the deficit, debt, the health service and schools funding. Why should anyone believe a word they say over the next seven weeks?”

On the other hand, the British Prime Minister stated that she was very proud of her government’s accomplishments. She insisted that her government delivered record level employment, and spent more money on health service.

Here is how Theresa May responded to Mr. Corbyn.

“We will be fighting for every vote. While the right honorable gentleman (Mr. Corbyn) would bankrupt our economy, weaken our defenses and is simply not fit to lead.”

The British Prime Minister has long said that there is no possibility of an early UK general elections. Now she says that she trusts the British public and asking them to put their faith in her. She stated that she believed in a stronger leadership to come out of the EU by successfully leading the Brexit process in Britain’s favor.

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