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The UK Gives Warning to Russian Anti-Virus Software

The UK government has given a new warning to the Russian anti-virus software company Kaspersky. The British government raises concerns about the security of the software by Kaspersky Labs.

Russian Anti-Virus Software Warning to All Departments

The Russian anti-virus software warning is not for a particular government department. Instead, the advice is for all the government departments in the UK. The alleged warning states that there are loopholes in the security software. The sign says that the Russian government can exploit these loopholes to gain critical access data.

The anti-virus development company is already under criticism in the United States. There are allegations of Russian government using this software to gain access for state espionage. Also, the US claims the Russians used this software to commit wrongdoings.

Kaspersky Labs Widespread Usage

Consumers, as well as businesses, rely on the security of Kaspersky Russian anti-virus software to protect themselves against online threats. There is no advice given so far to stop using it entirely. If the world ends trusting in this software, it will face massive financial losses. Estimates suggest the user base of this software is above 400 million around the globe.

Russian Anti-Virus Software

The working of this Russian anti-virus software is such that it requires complete PC access. If it is not given that access, it cannot work to its full potential. Therefore, the sharing of data as Kaspersky Labs maintains is needed to provide complete anti-virus protection.

Worry in the UK About Kaspersky

The diplomatic row between the US and Russia extends farther than just elections. There are so many other things that make Americans fears. The questions on the US Presidential election remain there. In this kind of uncertainty, UK certainly seems worried about the access is given to the Kaspersky software.

UK Institutions at Higher Risk of Espionage

The UK government officials believe that no one can stop Russia from using Kaspersky for state espionage. The National Cyber Security Centre’s considers this Russian anti-virus software as high risk for the British government departments.

There are rumors of NCSC in talks with Kaspersky about this issue indicate worries in the UK. Therefore, NCSC is now looking for ways to navigate these risks and come up with strategies to overcome it. The body wants to develop an independent system that NCSC intends to establish a system which would help independently verify the security of the company’s products. The warning by the British PM to Russia about its activities against the UK’s security indicate the underlying cyber unrest.

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