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UK may Lose EU Commissioner’s Seat Over Brexit

France and other countries may place a demand which will force the UK to give up its EU Commissioner’s seat if the UK proceeds to ask the EU for an extension. This will effectively limit the UK’s influence in the EU.

Importance of the Commissioner’s Seat

Every member of the European Council holds a unique portfolio which allows it to have a say in EU activities. If the UK is asked to leave its position as an EU commissioner its will lose its influence on the EU.

As a result of losing the EU’s commissioner’s seat, the UK will not be able to take part in the choosing the EU president nor will it have any say in deciding the multi-annual financial framework or the MFF. Furthermore, it will not be allowed to take part in the long term planning of the EU.

Will Theresa May Accept This Condition and lose it Commissioner’s Seat

a delayed Brexit Theresa May will most probably accept the conditions hence leaving the UK powerless. UK Prime Minister is trying hard to get Brexit deal accepted in UK parliament; something that doesn’t seem to happen in immediate future.

Some amongst The 27 members of the EU feel that the UK is becoming a disruptive state and no more extension should be given however if an extension is given it should be till the end 2020 to allow Britain to come up with terms and conditions that are acceptable.

The president of the European Union Jean Claude Junker feels the UK should be given a one-year extension just for safety and avoid any problems. While other countries like France have openly campaigned against this, with a stance that Britain should not be allowed to hold the block hostage.

On the other hand, many politicians feel contrary to what France is saying. They think that some EU members and politicians are over exaggerating the situation for their own personal gain which is not a good thing it. This may have a detrimental effect on future relations.

UK Must Follow If Extension Is Offered 

Amongst other terms and conditions, the UK must adhere to besides giving up its commissioner’s position while it’s in the transition period; include its absolute refrain from using its veto power.  Further, the UK must not be involved in any action or activities that may cause harm to the EU or its members. It must co-operate and comply with the EU.

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