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UK Ministers Refuse to Accept Brexit Bill Defeat

The British Government seemed confident about the provisions it wanted to add to the Brexit bill. However, the Brexit bill defeat came as a big setback after the Brexit Court Defeat discussed.

The peers defied the ministers by voting 358 in favor VS 256 against the bill. This new voting is aimed to guarantee rights of the EU nationals living in the UK.

The MPs can still remove these amendments once the bill returns to House of Commons.

The government argues that the Brexit Bill should only discuss triggering Article 50 and must not include anything unrelated.

On the other hand, House of Lords accuses the government of treating EU citizens as a “bargaining chip.”

Theresa May on Brexit Bill Defeat

Theresa May on Brexit Bill DefeatThe UK Prime Minister, Theresa May insists on sticking to the timetable of triggering Article 50. She says that she will stay on course despite her Brexit bill defeat in the parliament.

House of Lords voted, forcing the British Government to protect rights of the EU Citizens in the UK. However, the Prime Minister is confident that House of Commons will reject the bill.

Playing with Fire

Political experts accused Lords protecting rights of the EU Citizens in the UK as playing with fire. Many other says that they are doing a disservice to the nation.

Jeremy Corbyn, a Labor Leader supporting the bill of protecting the EU Citizens called it a “great news.” He said he might tell his MPs to support the amendment in the House of Commons.

He also insisted on government supporting the bill, saying,

“The Government must now do the decent thing and guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK.”

Brexit has become a major challenge for the UK government. Many in the Britain are against the Brexit. Britain needs to find a balance between accomplishing what it wants for herself and also to negotiate on other matters concerning the UK. Immigration is one such problem issue which the Brits need to tackle carefully. Similarly, Theresa May must also address unemployment problems while still negotiating a Brexit deal which keeps Britain’s interests above other considerations.

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