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What Has Sparked Recent Australia And UK Protests?

The Australian and UK protests are the byproduct of recent unjust activities against women in both states. In the light of current criminal events in the United Kingdom, hundreds of people gathered in the London streets to oppose the sexual assaults against women. Similarly, numerous women in Australia came out on the roads to protest against gender inequality, misogyny and, workplace harassment.

What Are UK Protests All About? 

According to the reports, the UK protests took birth after a 33-year-old woman named Sarah Everard was disappeared while walking home after work and later found dead. On March 3, 2021, she was walking back home to Brixton after visiting her friends in Clapham when she was kidnapped around 9:30 pm. 

The authorities charged a police officer for kidnapping and murdering her. Thousands of people gathered, lit candles, and paid tribute to the deceased.  Nevertheless, the cause behind the outrage among UK residents took a new form when the cops dragged a few female protesters who were protesting peacefully. Multiple social media users shared the video of policemen manhandling the female protesters.  

British Commissioner, Cressida Dick stated that police officials had to take action for the sake of the public’s safety. She mentioned that the gathering was becoming a threat for everyone by exposing each other to the covid19 virus. Besides, a small group of protesters reportedly started verbally abusing the cops and threw items at them. Thus, the police proceeded with actions in order to protect the participants of the UK protests. 

Additionally, officials arrested four people for neglecting and breaching coronavirus regulations and offending public orders. Previously during the global Black Lives Matter protests last year, UK police used horses to pressurize protestant when they vandalized Winston Churchill’s statue.

Why Are Women Protesting In Australia?

On March 15, thousands of Australian women and men came out on roads with posters to protest against male violence and workplace harassment. They wore black and held posters which had ‘ENOUGH’ written on them. The banners portrayed that violence and workplace cruelty needs to be stopped once and for all. Also, the protesters carried a list with names of women victimized and murdered by men since 2008. 

The protesters initiated the march after Attorney-General Christian Porter brought the incident of 1988 sexual assault into light in which he was being accused of raping the victim. Nonetheless, he did not only deny the allegations but also sued ABC media outlet and journalist Louise Milligan for publishing the accusations against him. 

Secondly, the march began to crowd multiple locations including 40 cities of Australia as a result of the MeToo movement taking place in the country. The crusade was fueled with public anger after the assault case of Brittany Higgins, a former political advisor, came to light. On February 15, 2019, she was allegedly raped by her senior colleague at the Australian Parliament House. 

Apparently, the women in Australia require the government to take notice against those who misuse their authority to manipulate women at work. Besides, international women’s day is playing a role in empowering women to make use of the MeToo movement and let the world know about their condition in society.  

Furthermore, the march is also in motion to support the UK protest violence against the sexual assault that victimized Sarah Everard. 

Ever Going Fight For Equality

Women from multiple nations have been complaining about Politics against the victims of assault. They have been presenting their opinions based on how the government and authorities have wronged them by supporting victim-blaming in society. The female entities at the UK protests and campaigns and marches in Australia have supposedly demanded the government to stop saving covering up for the govt officials if they are involved in unspeakable acts. Many females brought up the case of the UK’s Former Parliament member Lord Nazir who resigned from his post after accused of being involved in multiple workplace harassment incidents.  

All in all, the demands of the protesters included equality in providing justice. They have been wishful towards feeling safe in society, which can only be possible if the law takes the side of the victims and not the criminals. 

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