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UK Voters Registration – 7 Million Not Registered

The UK snap elections 2017 have a lot of unregistered votes. The Electoral Commission suggests that around 7 million UK voters registration remains pending.

Deadline to UK Voters Registration

The time limit is ending very soon, in fact on 22nd May 2017. The last month has seen a massive number of UK voters registration. However, around 7 million voters under the age of 25 may not be able to register themselves.

Change of Address and Under 34 Years of Age

Around 28 percent of the people who changed their address during the last year will not be able to get registered. Similarly, 30 percent of under 34 UK voters registration remains pending.

Last Minute Increase in UK Voters Registration Application

There is a bright chance of an increase in some last minute voters registration application. It is a similar situation which took place at the time of the EU referendum. Only last week more than 800,000 people submitted their application. However, UK voters registration can be done online too.

Different Age Groups Registering their Vote

There is an age-wise voter segregation done. People from 25 years age to over 75 are placed in different categories. The largest number of people registering for votes are in their 25s. This Sunday only people in their 25s were 43 percentage of people registering their vote.

Experts believe that despite passing interest by the youth, they may not vote. There is a greater interest from people of the older age. Many parties are trying to engage the young voters via social media.

Jeremy Corbyn, in a bid to attract young voters announced that if his party gets elected, it will eliminate tuition fee. The aim is to help attract young voters towards the party.

UK Voters Registration in London

UK Voters Registration - 7 Million Not RegisteredThe situation in London is somewhat similar to the rest of the country. Around 1 million voters are not registered in London too. The biggest benefit of this vast number of unregistered voters will go to Conservative Party.

There is an estimate that if the situation remains the same. Conservative Party may win 100 seats in June 8 elections. It can only happen when the people of age 18 to 24 do not come to cast their vote.

The age group of 18 to 24 remained low in the 2015 UK General Elections. Only 43 percent of the 18 to 24 years old voters came to vote. On the contrary, around 77 per cent of voters aged 55 to 64 cast their vote. And around 78 percent of voters aged over 65 cast their vote.

The British Prime Minster Theresa May announced snap UK elections before Brexit negotiations. She gave the argument that her party wants to get the will of the people behind them before going into the negotiations.

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