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The UK Will Not Pay Brexit Bill of 100 Billion Euro

The UK is not going to pay 100 billion Euros Brexit bill or divorce bill as termed by many. This statement came from the Brexit Secretary David Davis.

He made the comments while talking about a morning show that the UK will only pay what is legally due towards the European Union. It will only pay what is right regarding rights and obligations. He has said that the UK will not just pay any amount that the EU wants it to pay.

EU Chief on Brexit Bill

UK Will Not Pay Brexit Bill of 100 Billion EuroThe EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier said earlier that European Union would not punish the UK, but it must settle its accounts. He has asked for a cordial exist for the UK but seems concerned about the time running out for the Great Britain.

Michael Barnier wants the Brexit negotiations to start as soon as possible after several months of uncertainty. He also stressed the UK snap elections results would not change anything for Brexit.

He has made it clear that it will be delusional to think that the matter of Brexit negotiations will get resolved quickly. He also says that it will have no impact on the lives of the people living in the UK.

Mr. Davis has indicated that when it comes to Brexit Bill settlement, Britain will set a marker amount to negotiate with the European Union. He also said that both Britain and the EU would negotiate on the values they consider right.

Different Brexit bill settlement figures are circulating in the press ranging from 50 billion Euros to 100 billion Euros. No one has yet seen any official number shared by the EU.

The MPs already think that Great Britain has significantly contributed to the EU during the last 40 years and it does not owe anything.

A Brexit deal is something that the UK wants. There are a lot of uncertainties in case the UK fails to reach a Brexit deal with the European Union. Therefore, both the UK and the EU are looking for a mid-way to Britain’s exit from the European Union.

New Developments in Britain on Brexit

UK Will Not Pay Brexit Bill of 100 Billion EuroA new controversy has come to light about a dinner at 10 Downing Street. In this dinner, EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker communicated to Theresa May that Brexit might not become successful.

Despite rumors surrounding the 10 Downing Street dinner, Mr. Davis said he is optimistic about the talks.  Brexit negotiations will go through many difficult phases before agreement on a settlement amount.

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