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This Scene from Uncharted Movie Will Get Your Hopes Up

Understandably, most movies based on video games suck. However, the upcoming Uncharted movie aims to change that perception. To do that, Sony has been revealing more from the title lately. Last month, it released an extended trailer, showing fans what they missed in the previous one. Now they have released an entire scene that is longer than 2 minutes. The clip shows the protagonist Nathan Drake trying to survive a gunfight on a cargo plane alongside his trusty support and fan favourite, Victor “Goddamn” Sullivan.

Uncharted Movie is Trying Hard to Convince Gamers

The first trailer received mixed reactions because it seemed like a peanut compared to what the games have achieved. Players instantly fell in love with the characters and lore since the first game in the Uncharted series, Drake’s Fortune. It took them on an adventurous journey with treasure hunter Nathan Drake through uncharted and dangerous territories to find the legendary El Dorado. Subsequent games in the series were even more thrilling, action-packed, and uncovered more secrets. Creating a movie on a game, especially like this one, is highly challenging, as seen from gamers’ reactions.

The new scene Sony released was a massive nod to the similar scene from the third instalment in the series, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The studio probably wanted to change the mind of players that there was indeed something to look forward to.

Failed Attempts at Making Uncharted Movie

Given the popularity of games, the Uncharted movie was being planned for a long time. According to reports, it first entered development in 2008 with Chriss Prat, Nathan Fillion, and Mark Wahlberg rumoured to play Drake. However, the idea was scrapped later, and in 2017, Tom Holland was cast to play the younger version of the iconic hero and Wahlberg as Sully. Many fans of the Uncharted game were doubtful about this and slammed the studio with criticism, saying that Tom and Wahlberg didn’t look like the part they were playing. Most of the community was rooting for Nathan Fillion to play the leading role due to his uncanny resemblance with Drake.

However, new clips from the movie may change that opinion for many users. Holland, who has worked in the billion-dollar Spider-Man project, displayed his additional skills for the hearth throbbing action that the Uncharted series demands.

Released Action Sequence from Uncharted Movie

Before going further, it is recommended not to click on the video below for those who don’t want to spoil their fun. It is an entire action sequence from the Uncharted movie, revealing a bit of the plot as well. Fans of the game would love it since it’s based on the original scene from the Uncharted 3 game. And, if you are one of those who are still on the fence about this production, the scene is still worth a watch.

The film is reportedly set to release on February 18, 2022.

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