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Things You Can Do For Your Country on Independence Day of Pakistan

Pakistan is to celebrate its 71st independence day on August 14, 2018. While the majority of the citizens are excited to celebrate the day with great zeal, there is no lack of people for them 14th August is just another day; or they are happy because they will get a chance to sleep all day without working.

Traditionally citizens celebrate the day while decorating their homes with flags, wearing independence-themed clothes, watching and listening to special programs or national songs and going out for a get-together. While traditional activities are also a way to acknowledge the significance of the event, they don’t do much in helping people make a meaningful contribution to the development of the country and its citizens.

Celebrate Independence Day In A Unique Way

Here are the five unique things that you can do on independence day to celebrate uniquely.

  1. Treat Everyone As Equal Citizen

Learn to treat your fellow citizens equal, and this is not that simple. To put this principle into practice, you will need to get away with bigotry. Just make sure that you don’t mistreat anyone only because he/she is poor or doesn’t share the same color, caste, creed. Religion and belief with you. On the eve of this independence day, hold yourself accountable for your actions and ask yourself if your actions are narrowing the space for others and making it difficult for them to breathe. Hence, one unique thing that you can do on 71st independence day of Pakistan is to celebrate diversity.

2. Spread Awareness on Becoming Responsible Citizens

Most of the times’ independence day programs on radio and television focus on telling the history of this day. They tell about partition stories, the independence movement, heroes, villains and achievements that Pakistan has made to date. Not so many people highlight the real problems that the country is facing and how to overcome them. Even if there is any talk about the issues, then it is such a subjective that figuring out an immediate solution becomes almost impossible. So, on this independence highlight the smaller problems and present their solutions. Just tell people how their actions can help the resolve. And, to spread this message, you don’t need to arrange for large processions and corner meetings. Use your social network and tell people what you think you must know.

3.  Participate In Any Tree Plantation Drive

Climate change is one of the four major global risks that the world is facing in 2018. It is threatening the future of the human race on the planet and also in the universe. Like all the other countries Pakistan is the worst sufferer of global warming and climate change. And, one effective way to combat the situation is by planting as many trees as possible.

Fortunately, many forums and individuals are active to spread awareness on the importance of a green Pakistan. On the eve of 14 August, you can find out many groups actively organizing the tree plantation on a mass level. So, think to join any one of them and contribute towards a country where breathing is not a curse but a refreshing thing to do.

4. Spend Time In Community Service

Apart from planting the tree, you can also spend your 14th August holiday by doing the community service. And, here are the ways to do so.

  • Spend time in an old home
  • Arrange games for the children of slums
  • Distribute food items and daily use stuff for the underprivileged people
  • Spend quality time with children in an orphanage.
  • Teach the children
  • Try solving the problems of your subordinates
  • Take part in cleanliness drives

5. Make Yourself A Promise to Become More Responsible

Every person on the planet has directly or indirectly a responsibility to do something which has to do something with the society. On the eve of Pakistan’s independence day promise yourself that you will perform your duties more responsibly and wholeheartedly. Whether you are a student or a worker who has any business to make sure to do it in a manner that it benefits the country on the whole. Just begin it by yourself.

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