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5 Most Uniquely Built Hotels in the World

All Hotels are built to accommodate best of amenities and provide their guest with the best experiences. Some hotels designs are so bizarrethat they take unusual to a whole new level. So here are the world’s 5 most unique hotels in the world.

 5   Most Uniquely Built Hotels in The World

Well, these uniquely built hotels are not just like Aurora space hotel launching soon. But they do have something astonishing in them.

Oil rig hotel 

This is a hotel located just off the shore of Sabah, south-east Malaysian is real oil rig.Unlike other oil rig which get sent to the scrap yard as soon as their use is finished this one was turned into a hotel.  Sea ventures Rig Resort has 27 rooms of all types and great leisure facilities. Most who stay there come for the chance to see the rich sea like.

Crane hotel

The Faralda luxury hotel opened in 2014 in Amsterdam. Its located 50 meters high above the NDSM industrial wharf and has three suits that are called Secret, Free Spirit and Mystique which are fully furnished and offer a great view. If you like bungee jumping look no further the hotel offers this as well.

Dog Bark Park Inn

This hotel is home to all canines .This uniquely built hotel is located in Idaho USA and is shaped like a dog. This bed and breakfast inn offers all the amenities dogs like and houses

 some of the best dog sculpting

Hotel de Glace

This unusually build hotel is located in the Quebec. This icy hotel is well reputed for the beautiful ice sculpting it has in its room. Everything in the rooms is made of ice except the pillow and blanket. If it gets too chili hop in to the hot spa.

Jumbo Stay

If you love to fly and aspire to become a pilot jumbo stay hotel is your place to stay. This one of the most uniquely built hotesl comprises entirely of retired Boeing 747-212B planes from 1976 that have under gone slight reconstruction to give guest an experience like no other.

Located just a few meters away from the Arlanda airport in Stockholm’s offers guests accommodation in the cockpit, mid-section or the tail ends. The cockpit has all the gauges and levers lever  have been disconnected.

The prices of the room vary the cockpit room or suit being the most expensive and the tail end being the least expensive room of all.

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