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United Airlines Drags Passenger Off an Overbooked Flight

United Airlines made headlines by dragging of a passenger from an overbooked flight. A disturbing image of a man dragged out an overbooked flight of United Airlines became viral on the internet.

The unidentified man did not comply with the security officers who pulled him out of the plane. He was screaming on top of his voice as his glasses slid down his face.

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Passenger Dragged Out of Overbooked Flight

Two of the passengers onboard that flight made a video and uploaded it online. The security officer who pulled the passenger out of the plane.

One of the passengers who uploaded the video on his Twitter account reacted in the following way.

“It felt like something the world needed to see.”

Thanks to the irrefutable evidence in the form of video, Federal Transportation Department is looking into the matter.

Unfortunately, overbooking is not something new. Airlines often overbook flights just to ensure all their tickets are sold. In this particular case, United Airlines was trying to book extra seats for its employees.

The video showed a security officer removing a passenger from his seat and dragging him off the plane. The incident delayed the flight by around 2 hours, bound for Louisville, Ky.

Here is how United Airlines spokesperson identified the situation.

“We had asked several times, politely. We had a customer who refused to leave the aircraft. We have some customers on board that plane and they want to get to their destination on time and safely, and we want to work to get them there. Since that customer refused to leave the aircraft, we had to call.”

Here is how the Chicago Department of Aviation responded to the United Airlines incident.

“The incident was not by our standard operating procedure.”

The social media erupted with anger after this incident of throwing out a passenger on an overbooked flight by United Airlines.

One user on Twitter with the handle @ChuckJ  said that if it was OK that a passenger canceled their payment after the flight took off.

“Hey, @united I suppose if passengers cancel their payment, after the flight, due to overdraft, that would be ok? #UnitedAirlines #united.

Another Twitter user with handle @joshstrickland was unhappy about the fact that the airline had not apologized for the situation it created.

“United Airlines still hasn’t apologized. It looks like they are going to drag this one out.” (via Richard Livingston).”

Here is another Twitter user @BrkPrsn who responded in the following manner.

“United Airlines flights are C H E A P now. I’m using my remaining miles for Colorado and never using them until they remedy their actions.”

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