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United Nations Climate Change Report By IPCC Has Shocking Revelations

The much-talked-about issue of climate change is real and needs more attention than we thought it deserved. A recent United Nations Climate Change report has revealed that a rise in temperature up to 2C is likely to make Earth unlivable by human beings and immediate action by the state governments, policymakers, and citizens are, called for to help prevent temperature reach this limit.

The report is eye-opening for the statesman, like Trump who withdrew from the Paris Climate Change Agreement and showed a little to no importance to the phenomenon which is jeopardizing human survival on Earth.

United Nations Climate Change Report by IPCC

According to the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, climate-related risks for natural and human systems are higher for global warming of 1.5C than at present but lower than at 2C. The report concluded that related risks were greater if globalwarming increased to 2C, but they were lessor if it is contained to 1.5C.

The report brought into the limelight by more than 90 authors worldwide and after peer reviewing almost 6000 papers, mostly talked about how a half degree rise in temperature was sufficient to eradicate corals and melt the ice on arctics. It concluded that taking precise measures which, was feasible and possible, could stop temperatures to rise above 1.5C and hence help ease pressure on arctics and halt the eradication of the coral reefs. Even a World Economic Forum report said climate change to be one of the global risks the world faced.

The Report Also suggests that we may have as little as 10-12 years to contain temperature to 1.5 Degree celsious

Pathways for Limiting Temperature to 1.5C

United Nations Climate Change Report by IPCC has also determined some pathways for preventing the rise of temperatures to 2C. It has proposed two major measures, which include reducing the greenhouse emissions and sucking out CO2 from the atmosphere.

The first one can be implemented chiefly if the countries limit the use of fossil fuels as a resource of energy and devise policies for switching to electric vehicles and generators which run on renewable energy. The second pathway of sucking out CO2 is possible by reforestation of land on the global level. While both these measures are not so easy to take as they require some changes in policymaking at various levels and the introduction of some legislation they are quite feasible to implement.

Consequences of Rising Temperatures

The United Nations Climate Change Report also warned the world from the consequences of ever-rising temperatures. It pointed out that such an impact was already being witnessed in the form of hurricanes and floods. And, if policymakers didn’t take urgent measures, the world will continue to face, floods, droughts, hot days and also poverty which will be one of the most unpleasant consequences of the situation.

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