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Universal Pictures Makes A Deal To Create An Ultimate Madonna Biopic

The undisputed queen of pop, Madonna would be making a film based on her own life and career. She tweeted to announce that Universal Pictures has decided to develop the unnamed Madonna biopic, which will narrate her life from start-up to super-stardom.

She is currently co-writing a script with Oscar winning screenwriter, Diablo Cody who is known for working on Juno (2007), Young Adult (2011), Tully (2018), and many more extravagant films. The producer will be Amy Pascal who also co-produced Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017).

Madonna made a groundbreaking impact as an artist, author, and entrepreneur in her 5-decade long career. She conversed about every aspect of global culture through her art which resulted in the transformation of how people understood art, sex, feminism, and women in general. 

Madonna Biopic Will Be All About Music

The film will focus on music and how it has kept Madonna going. She wants to take her fans through an incredible journey that she went through herself. The icon claimed that there are number of inspirational stories which she wanted to share with her fans in her own voice and vision. 

The Chairman of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, Donna Langley considered it an honor for working with Madonna on this much needed biopic. She highlighted her gift of creating art that has been smashing unbreakable boundaries since decades. However, the extreme propaganda against Madonna has caused her displeasure and psychological stress. The allegations of egoism, narcissism, and adultery have diminished her fame badly which spawned a lot of critics.

This film will be a great opportunity to distribute Madonna’s unvarnished story to her dedicated fans.

Madonna And Diablo Working Together On The Film

The long-standing sex-symbol has always been passionate about her work. She is taking this film quite seriously as her twitter profile suggests. She has been posting photos and videos of the collaborative work she is doing with the formidable Diablo Cody.

It seems that she is planning to go full retro rather than making new music for this film. She was seen listening through her old songs in one of the Twitter videos.

She mentioned about facing problems in writing about herself because it involved all the truth. She also hopes that the Madonna biopic will set the haters free.

She even worked on the Labor Day, which she proudly shared with the audience.

Reactions From The Fans And Critics

Her critics don’t seem impressed with the idea of an artist writing her own biopic. A lot of things can be manipulated and flourished in this practice. Critics argue that this explains why Madonna is accused of narcissism as she preferred to co-write her biopic rather than to only assist the writer with facts.


It was a laughing matter for critics who did not show any interest in watching the Madonna biopic. However, the most interesting thing for them was an accused narcissist making her own biopic to invalidate the allegations of narcissism.

Some critics did not forgive her past squabbles with other artists. They reckoned that her whole life and career were a huge dramatic film so she did not need to create another.

Her supporters seem excited about Madonna biopic because she has always spoken her mind there, where others have stayed silent. Similar to her “in your face” attitude, the film is expected to be very raw and bold which can be further infuriating for her critics.

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