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The University Of Lahore Couple Gets Celebrity Endorsement

University of Lahore couple that went viral for their unique proposal got expelled for it as well on 14th March. In a largely circulated video, it appeared that a young woman was down on her knees proposing to a young man and then both proceeded to embrace each other. The University of Lahore (UOL) is one of the biggest universities in Pakistan located in Lahore, Punjab.

The incident caused a massive uproar in extremely conservative Pakistan, where a couple’s public display of affection became a horrible crime. The institution also decided to expel the love birds for violating unspecified rules. Reportedly, the institution called the couple for the question and they did not appear which led to expulsion. The couple refused to apologize for their actions.

University Of Lahore Couple Faces Punishment For Showing Love

Many complained about the loving gesture between man and woman, which appeared to them as something punishable. While there was painful criticism, some also came in the favor of the expelled students. The hypocrisy was immediately clear to many who jumped in to discuss worse things than a man and woman in love. Pakistani celebrities have also joined in to raise their voice against the unfair expulsion of two students in love. They were alarmed to see how violently some Pakistanis reacted at an act of love while the majority would stay silent when men routinely harass women.

Mira Sethi Says This Is How Pakistan Brutalizes A Society

Pakistani film and drama actress Mira Sethi condemned Pakistan for being such a violent and toxic mess where love is seen as something offensive. She pointed out how cruel Pakistani society has become towards the things that provide happiness to people.

One example of the abrupt decision-making tendencies of Pakistani institutions was the decision to ban TikTok, which also received critical remarks from those familiar with the technology. The expulsion of the University of Lahore couple reflects the same ban culture Pakistan is facing criticism for.

Shehzad Roy Addresses Pakistani Double Standards

Pakistani singer and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador, Shehzad Roy responded with a fury that whenever men touch women violently in this country, no one pays heed and suddenly everyone crucifies the guy who touches a woman with love. For celebrities, the University of Lahore couple was only promoting love, unlike most folks who promote intolerance, violence, and vulgarity on daily basis.

The sad incidents of sexual harassment were happening in Lahore Grammar School for a long-time and nobody was able to do anything. Earlier the Students of LGS came up with their accounts of sexual harassment but there was no such uproar on social media. But, a proposal where both parties seem to agree with each other has triggered more people. Eventually, the female students of LGS took action themselves.

Yasir Hussain Tells What A ‘Man’ Means In Pakistan

The outspoken Yasir Hussain explained the concept of a ‘man’ in Pakistan with examples. He said that in this hypocritical country, a man is the one who harasses a woman or controls her life. On the other hand, the one who showers a woman with love and respect becomes shameless. Moreover, a guy who plays around with women stays inside the institution but the one who proposes to her for marriage gets run down.

A couple of years ago, Yasir Hussain himself faced criticism for minor cuddling after publically proposing to Iqra Aziz.

Shaniera Akram Encourages To Sing The Song Of Love Amid The Sound Of Violence

The wife of a former celebrity Cricketer, Shaniera Akram also supported the University of Lahore couple. She remarked with more power to the love birds and stood by their decision to not apologize for love.

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