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You May Unlock Home and Car Doors with iPhone NFC

You may now no longer need keys to unlock doors of your home and cars as iPhone NFC will likely do this task for you.

An iOS 12 update may allow you to unlock your car and home doors without using a key, something which is entirely possible with NFC (Near Field Communication) chip.

Unlocking Doors with iPhone NFC

iPhone NFC which currently facilitates the features like Apple Pay might expand its capabilities to accommodate the functions of opening the car doors.

According to Mashable, the changes in NFC might enable people to use their iPhones for sensitive security interactions. Like, users may utilize the NFC for unlocking doors or paying the transit fares.  These chips can also have a use in the healthcare industry.

The Mashable further reported that findings of NFC chip’s advanced functionalities in iPhone were discovered in a copy related to iOS 12. Apple has been working on this project with a security identity company HID global, since 2014. The tech giant is likely to announce this update in June 2018, on the eve of Worldwide Developers Conference.

Using iPhone NFC for Unlocking Doors

Updating iOS 12 with features that support the sensitive security interactions through iPhone NFC may not be such an easy thing for Apple, which has recently faced the controversy related to slowing down of iPhones. While many users may feel it a privilege to access the features that free them from the burden of carrying the car and home keys all the times, there will be users raising concern due to the security sensitiveness of these features. Well, the burden of proof will be on Apple for satisfying those consumer concerns.

Enhancement in iPhone NFC feature might be more significant news than important Google announcements at I/O developer’s conference. The tech giant has indeed brought an intuitive feature as users will now don’t have to worry about carrying another extra item. Perhaps, it is the insightful approach of Apple that it understands which market segment to target. A few months back the company also announced to release MacBook Air with a lower price tag, to focus the youngsters and college going students.

Applications of NFC

Incorporating the NFC technology in its smartphones is one of the key features that makes Apple stand distinguished within the smartphone fraternity. The technology has wide use in the health sector, transportation, financial sector and even for tracking. Briefly, most of the tasks related to identification, making payments and scanning of objects to acquire information about them can be accomplished with NFC.

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