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10 Unusual and Strange Phobias People Suffer From

Over the years people have reported suffering from some profoundly unusual and strange phobias that have baffled doctors. Phobia is the excessive fear of something which may be objective or situational.

 Here Are 10 Strange Phobias People Suffer From

Most of the times,  people have phobia due to adverse childhood experiences, genetics or chemical imbalance of the brain.


The fear of books is called bibliophobia. Believe it or not, this is real, and it’s very prevalent amongst people. A person who has bibliophobia mostly can’t read which mostly the cause of the fear is. The treatment of this phobia includes teaching a person how to read.


The phobia associated with cooking food is called Mageirocophobia. It has several types. Mageirocophobia in most cases doesn’t always  require treatment.


The fear of working with computers or computers generally is called Cyberphobia. The term was first coined in is also known by other names like technophobia. It progressed into a spectral phobia associated with technology.


Fear of mirrors or Catoptropphobia is another one of the several strange phobias. it is lo known as Eisoptrophobia . If left untreated it can lead to other fears as well.


Barophobia is the fear of falling from heights. It is built-in in all mammals and is different from acrophobia which is simply fear of falling from height. This phobia is generally not life threatening.


This is one of the fastest growing phobias in the world. According to psychologists, people that have this phobia are mostly children. This fear is because of the unusual facial feature the clown has which are different from the normal features the child associate with friendly or caregivers faces.


This is a spectrum phobia. A person with this strange phobia is afraid of homes .they avoid entering or going to people’s homes.


Who doesn’t like to hear good news?bare listening to the mere sound of good news drives them nuts. They become anxious, hyper and sweat profusely


Philophobia Is fear of love. A person with this strange phobia usually has troubled past and fears commitment. In severe cases, a person with this phobia tends to seclude himself from society, suffer from depression and anxiety. These people typically end up committing suicide


Well, this one is really one of the strange phobias. Victims are people who are afraid of their mother-in-law.People with this phobia normally shy away from the mother-in-law. This phobia is mostly due to bad relationship experience.

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