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7 Best Upcoming Phones 2021 With Exciting Specs and Features

A lot of smartphones have been rumored to hit the shelves during the last quarter of 2021. Manufacturers have remained mum on the details but experts have leaked some detail as they do every time a particular phone is going to launch. This list of upcoming phones 2021 includes those rumors and leaks surrounding the most awaited handsets by brands that users love so much.

7 Best Upcoming Phones 2021

Below is a little preview of what users can find in the upcoming phones 2021.

One Plus 9T

Just like other phones of OnePlus, the new one aims to provide a lot more than what a customer pays for. The phone will have two variants, one with 8GB and one with 12GB RAM. A little is known about the phone considering it was supposed to launch in March 2021 according to GSM Arena. By looking at the history of OnePlus releases, T models usually launch in the month of September or October. So, users would have to wait a little more but it would be worth it.

The new model is not built from scratch but is a considerable upgrade to the OnePlus 9. It is expected that the OnePlus 9T would have a 120Hz LTPO Full HD+ screen with an improvement to battery and chipset as compared to previous models. In the list of upcoming phones 2021, this might be the only one to directly compete with giants like iPhone and Samsung. There is no news about the price but TechRadar estimated that it might have a similar price as OnePlus 9 which was 729 USD.

Redmi 20X

Based on the leaks on the internet, Xiaomi would announce to release its next flagship in the coming months. As per the rumors, Redmi 20x will be available in 4/128 GB and 8/128 GB. GSM Arena estimated its price to be around 154 USD. It will not be as powerful as others in the list of upcoming phones 2021 but it will allegedly support a 5G connection.

The camera is rumored to be 48 Mega Pixel while the refresh rate is said to be standard at only 60Hz. Some mobile phone experts have also said that there will three versions of this phone and only one of them will support 5G. Rumor has it that Redmi 20x will come with three different names Rainbow, Camelia, and Iris. Only Iris is expected to have 5G but note that these are not official retail names and not every rumor about mobile phones is correct. As the speculation continues, experts drew a contrast between Redmi’s latest model and the new rumored one.

Huawei P50

Huawei’s flagship P range is known to have exceptional camera quality and powerful hardware. The upcoming P50 would be the same but may suffer on the software side of things. Ever since Google banned Huawei from accessing its features, the company started developing a new UI for its phones. So technically Huawei P50 is not an android phone anymore as all basic fundamentals of Android are from Google.

P50 will be the very first phone to run Huawei’s HarmonyOS. Not much is known about this set. Leaks only reveal parts of the sleek body and highly efficient camera. Based on the price of P40 (900 USD), experts suggested that it would be the same for P50 too.

Nokia 10

There are still many users who wait for the pioneer to release its next phone no matter how much different or simple it is from the rest of the trending brands. For a long time, Nokia has been trying to launch this phone; first, it was supposed to be launched as 9.1 then changed to 9,.2, 9.3, and now finally 10. Rumors did not reveal much but it looked like it had Snapdragon 888 processor to aid high performance in gaming. Apart from that, it’s got a pinhole selfie camera, stainless steel frame, and sapphire glass display.

iPhone 13 Lineup

Of course, one of the most anticipated upcoming phones in 2021 is none other than iPhone 13. Even though there are no major changes to the previous models, Apple fans cannot wait to get their hands on one anyway. The tech giant has made minor improvements and also made the old features bigger rather than changing them. Along with in-screen fingerprint sensors, it is going to have a smaller notch, higher refresh rate (120 Hz), and 1TB storage. Here are the 4 major changes in the feature of the upcoming iPhone 13. The size and design are rumored to be fairly similar to iPhone 12.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Lineup

Samsung planned to launch Galaxy Note 21 for the year 2021 (given the name of the handset). However, according to Samsung officials, there are chipset shortages in the market. There’s a high chance that Note 21’s release date is going to get further delayed till the next year. That kind of messes up Samsung’s plans because they had Note 22 lined up for the year 2022. If it does release this year, then it would be around the month of August.

If there are really bad chipset shortages then users could get a different handset in different countries. For example, in the US there could be Snapdragon chipsets in Note 21, and in other countries, it could have Samsung Exynos chip. Moreover, the leak also suggests that if Note 21 doesn’t release by August then Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE would act as the Note flagship of this year. Here is the rumored design of the Note 21 Ultra version.

Google Pixel 6

Google is also not coming slow with its next flagship, Pixel 6. It is supporting a radical new design, standing out from the rest of upcoming phones 2021. This will be the first phone to run Android 12 OS. It is rumored to have a 50 MP camera in a sleek bar style exterior which is contrary to the circular and rectangular shape spammed by most brands. It is also going to have a 5000 mAh battery and two variants; 8/128 GB and 12/256 GB. Google plans to unveil Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in October. Due to the chipset shortages, the date may move up to 1 month but not to the next year.

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