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UrduScript – Roman Urdu Takes Excuses Out of Programming

There should be no excuse to learning. We find so many when it comes to doing something challenging. There are times when we genuinely face difficulties in understanding something. Sometimes, the nuances of a programming language coupled with the technicality of the information make a vexing combination. So here we are with the UrduScript.

What is UrduScript?

UrduScript is a new programming language. The purpose of this language is to make it easy for the upcoming programmers to make programming easy. The use of simple words of Urdu takes out a more structured and formalized approach towards programming. This way, the new developers can form foundation concepts of coding.


Transpile translates the programmed UrduScript into JavaScript. Programmers can use it to their advantage for programming in UnderScore, React, and jQuery as well.

Who Should Use UrduScript?

Experienced programmers who have spent years programming may not find this language attractive. However, programmers who are just starting their career will find it very useful. The language uses variable analogies for making life easy for the new programmers.

Here is Why the Maker of UrduScript Did Not Use Pure Urdu?

  • The Persian alphabets do not come as default in the keyboard.
  • The creator believes the youth is catching up this trend more quickly.
  • It would become difficult to adapt to a style of programming from right to left. (Since we are more used to writing and reading from left to right in English and even in programming).
  • The default font used in Urdu is non-Nastaliq, making it hard for programmers to read.

Who Made UrduScript?

The creator of this idea is Asad Memon who runs Remote Interview, a Silicon Valley startup. He is also behind, an equivalent of Crunch Base for the Pakistani market.

The creator works from Hyderabad Pakistan. Besides carrying out his routine job, he also trains the new programmers to pay back to the community. He has an interest in different topics including DevOps, Web Frameworks, and Machine Learning.

UrduScript - Urdu's Answer to ProgrammingContributing to UrduScript

You can also contribute to UrduScript by becoming a part of the project. The creator of UrduScript welcomes everyone, even if you do not have any programming exposure. You can find more details about it by visiting its GitHub repository.

Will UrduScript Bring the Programming Revolution?

It depends on how the youth looks at this new initiative and if they find it helpful in quickly understanding core programming concepts. It may not substitute the core concepts of programming like MVC and OOP. However, it still is a lot better way to learn these concepts. The adoption rate does not only depend on availability but also need for such facility. People who find it easy to communicate in English may or may not use it. But for starters who find programming concepts difficult to master, this can prove to be a first step in the right direction. It may entice more enterprising individuals to come up with fresh ideas of making programming easy for beginners.

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