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US Corona Cases Reach another High As Europe Gears for Lockdown

Coronaviruses cases have reached past 42 million with 8.5 million coming from only America. The highest numbers of daily US corona cases were reported on Friday (23 October). More than 83,000 people got infected which beat the earlier record of 77,000 cases in one day. More than 940 Americans died and 41,845 had to go to the hospital.

The pandemic has been intensifying in Europe as well. The COVID-19 cases in several European countries have doubled within 10 days. Overall, the continent reported 200,000 cases on the same day the US took the hit. The global virus showed how dangerous it was even within the first 100 days of its arrival when it already had sent most of the world into lockdown. Yet, a huge part of the world was not able to defend itself.

Rising Corona Cases in Europe Amid Second Wave

The situation in the US is more alarming than before. Previously, cases from only few states pushed up the total numbers. This time, the number is being pushed from many states. Reportedly, the second largest state of the US, Texas is the major contributor with nearly 899,000 cases. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 35,292 of them came in the last 7 days. 17,873 people have died due to coronavirus in Texas since the pandemic began.

Apart from Texas, Ohio, which is a prominent state for the upcoming US Elections 2020 in November, has reported the highest number of daily cases for the third day. Illinois, Florida, California are also badly affected. Mid-west states including Montana, Wisconsin, Utah, North Dakota, and South Dakota have been rapidly reporting new cases.

COVID-19 Cases And Lockdown In Europe

Europe collectively recorded more than 7.8 million COVID-19 cases and nearly 247,000 deaths. 2 days ago Spain became the first European nation to cross 1 million mark and now France is at the top. According to latest data, France, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland are the worst-hit European nations. New numbers of infections have surged in these 5 countries since the beginning of October.

France reported more than 42,000 cases in one day which led to the extension of curfew, which was placed a week ago. Local governors in Italy called for stricter lockdown as the cases surged past 16,000 and 192 people died in 24 hours. Czech Republic’s health system is reportedly close to collapse as it recorded 15,000 cases on one day, out of just 10 million of the population. The country has closed all restaurants, bars, and pubs, to indoor customers since last week. Belgium tightened its restrictions on physical distancing rules by banning fans from sports stadiums, limiting the number of people in public spaces, and closing theme parks. It had already imposed a lockdown on bars, cafes, and restaurants with night curfew.

Even Germany reported more than 10,000 daily COVID-19 cases on Friday. It had also warned travel against Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, and most regions of Austria and Italy. Cases in European countries are surging along with cases in the US. However, for America it is not only a health concern but also an interesting point in the political chapter.

Impact On US Presidential Election 2020

The coronavirus outbreak had been a devastating pandemic for the world but America established a policy battleground on it. President Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden has clashed over this topic in detail during their debates. Biden likes to shake Trump by constantly highlighting his failure to connect with people and control the virus. On the other hand, Trump’s strategy was to keep downplaying the virus without acknowledging how intense it got over the time. He kept telling his supporters that the virus would go away soon and accused Biden for hyping the virus to scare people into voting for him.

Biden stated to regulate the use of masks, putting a proper testing plan in place, and purchasing more PPE (personal protective equipment). He also pledged to make COVID-19 vaccine free, if it ever becomes available. Trump has also made the same promise under Operation Warp Speed which he initiated himself to facilitate the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Reportedly there are 44 candidates currently under clinical evaluation.

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