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Pakistanis turn US Elections 2020 into Meme Competition against Trump

America has faced a lot of chaotic situations including disasters, racism, civil wars, etc. However, now it is President Donald Trump who is now using fascist tactics in wake of the election results. Supposedly, US elections 2020 aren’t going in Trump’s favor; consequently, Mr. president is not happy with his voting rate. 

Besides, Pakistani memers are rising to the occasion and not missing the chance to troll Trump before his alleged defeat. The memes are hilarious as these puns depict Pakistanis reactions towards US elections. 

The memes were not really about depicting the situation of Donald Trump. They had begun with election race.

What is all the Fuss about US Elections 2020?

The ongoing elections are like a battlefield between current American president Donald Trump and Vice president Joe Biden. According to the recent voting analysis, Joe is leading with a higher number of votes. Trump on the other hand is far behind. It seems like winning is a lost cause for Mr. Trump now. 

What does Donald Trump Feel About His Condition in US Elections 2020

Aside from the victory in different US states, Mr. President smells biasness and rigging in the overall election results. As per him, the giant tech companies, media and, influential powers interfered in elections to allegedly drag him aside and take the authority from him. All in all, trump presumably considers voting outcome a conspiracy against him.

Assumably that the vote count was not right and not in his favor, Trump also tweeted to put a stop to the alleged unfair elections.

These memes sum up who things would have been in Pakistan then.

Pakistanis On Fire With Memes on Donald Trump and US Elections

Allegedly, the public is not much lenient when it comes to anything related to Mr. Trump. The anxiety is well -evident from the way people have een responding to delayed vote count in Nevada, a state where Biden is leading. These funny Nevada memes in US elections 2020 are indeed entertaining but they are also summing up public’s attitude towards US Elections.

Supposedly, the Public finds it convenient to fill social media with witticisms and puns whenever they find something on President Donald Trump to troll him with. Consequently, upon Trump’s alleged declaration about the biased vote count, the public of Pakistan took an opportunity to troll him. 

Executive Director (C&R), Hussain Nadeem shared an edited picture on Twitter: the picture was of Trump sitting with Fazal-U-Rehman, president of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam. He admired the funny side of the picture since it shows Trump allegedly asking for help or discussing his political condition with Fazal-Ur-Rehman.

Memers showed Trump as the PTI (Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf) leader and PM of Pakistan Imran khan by showing how he would appeal against rigging in elections in Pakistan. The portrayal of him as PM Khan revives the memory of rigging accusation against Imran khan, as Mr. Khan used to call the allegation untrue. 

Pakistani meme-makers took the fun to another level by editing Trump’s videos and adding a Pakistani, Pashto Dialect song in the video. They made him look like a Bhutto representative running a campaign for PPP (Pakistan peoples party). 

This is what Trump meltdown would have actually looked like, if he was someone from Pakistan.

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