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Pakistanis Can’t Get Enough of US First Lady’s Reaction after Meeting with Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan is on an official visit to the United States. Khan who captained the world cup winning team of Pakistan is famous for his charismatic personality and charming looks. On his visit to the US Pakistanis were eagerly observing how Melania Trump one of Trump’s three wives, and the US first lady would react after meeting a statesman who has once remained popular among western women.

But Is that Really An Over Joyed US First Lady

The first lady Melania Trump has accompanied the US President on many state visits and hosted many statesmen in White House. But according to Imran Khan fans she rarely seemed as happy as she looked while meeting Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Her smile to some Pakistanis suggests that she is ready to leave Trump and run away with Imran khan immediately. So it is highly advised that Trump keeps an eye on her at all the times and not lets her leave his sight.

Next Wife Maybe

During the visit at one point, while posing for a picture, Imran khan can be seen playing around with his ring suggesting to some that Pakistanis might be looking at Imran khan’s next wife.

Others feel that khan may be getting a bit too cozy with the US First Lady and is not focusing on the task at hand. So they used this angry fan meme to say it all.

This Twitter User Even Cropped Trump

Well everyone is not buying the idea of Khan’s charming look leaving any impression on the US first lady.

Regardless of what it may seem we cannot forget that during every state visit, there are certain protocols that diplomats from either country need to follow so let’s stop all the nonsense. Let things proceed in the dignified manner in which they are.

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